When you get back

Make sure you receive a signed transcript of records in English when you finish your exchange period. Sometimes, transcripts are sent directly to Chalmers from the host university. In that case the transcripts are kept at the Office of Degrees until the degree diploma is issued.

Get your credits transferred

When you return to Chalmers you should request a transfer of the credits you attained during the exchange. The director of studies at your programme will validate the credits and transfer them to Chalmers records. You need a signed transcript from the host university to get the credits transferred. The Student Centre can help you with the right forms to request the transfer.

Write a report

When you have finished the exchange you should write an report on the experience within two months after returning to Chalmers. Follow the instructions below and upload the report in MoveOn.

First part:

  1. Preparation
    How did you prepare for the exchange, visa, tickets, application procedure etc. What is your background?
  2. Accommodation
    What was the accommodation like? How did you arrange it and what was the standard and cost? 
  3. Language
    What was the language of instruction? Did you attend language courses?
  4. Social activities
    Was there a student union? Did the host university arrange any social activities for exchange students?
  5. General opinions and information about the exchange
    What were the positive and negative aspects of the exchange? Do you have any advice for future exchange students?

Second part:

  1. Courses and academic experience
    • Name of the course
    • Course code or course number
    • Lecturer / examiner - what were their qualities?
    • Short description of course content
    • Personal opinion on the course
  2. Projects (if any)
    • Title
    • Supervisor
    • Examiner
    • Description of the project
    • Experiences in connection to project work
  3. Grade system, were ECTS grades issued or other?

Please include an e-mail address if you are prepared to answer questions from future exchange students.

The degree diploma

If you spend one semester within an exchange programme, this will be mentioned in the master degree diploma from Chalmers. The names of the courses you undertook will be stated as well as the grades. The original transcript from the exchange will be enclosed in your diploma as an appendix.

Published: Mon 18 Feb 2019.