Recognition of courses from exchange studies

​Recognition of (an) entire course/courses means that a course from your exchange university which corresponds to a specific course in your Chalmers programme can be used as part of a Chalmers degree. Courses from exchange studies can also be recognized as elective credits or compulsory elective courses. The director of studies of your programme makes a preliminary decision on course recognition before your exchange studies and a definitive decision after your exchange. 

Before your exchange studies, when you have been nominated:

  • You must research the course catalogue at the receiving university on your own.
  • The courses that you want to take must be equivalent to full-time studies at Chalmers, one academic year=60hp. Find out the number of credits that corresponds to full-time studies at the receiving university. 
  • The exchange courses may not overlap already completed or upcoming courses in your Chalmers programme regarding course content.
  • Check that the courses you want to take at the receiving university are in the right education cycle. First-cycle or second-cycle depending on your Chalmers programme.
  • The courses should be within the major subject of your Chalmers programme.
  • Plan your selection of exchange courses by filling out a Study plan. The form will be used in the communication with your director of studies.
  • If your exchange is within Erasmus+, you need to fill out a Learning Agreement.
  • Contact your director of studies at latest three weeks before the deadline of your application to the receiving university to discuss your study plan and get your selection of courses preliminarily confirmed. Be sure to bring course syllabi where content and education cycle are stated in English. Please prepare more courses then needed to cover your credits in case there are changes in the course catalogue of the receiving university.

During your exchange studies: 

  • When you begin your exchange studies you might need to adjust your course selection. The changes need to be documented and preliminary confirmed by your director of studies. If the changes occur within the ERASMUS+, you need to fill out Changes to Learning Agreement which need to be approved by your director of studies.
  • It is important that you during your exchange studies inform yourself about which documentation (original transcripts of records, course syllabi, literature lists etc.) that you need to bring to get your exchange courses recognized.

After your exchange studies:

  • Recognition of courses does not happen automatically. You need to apply for credit transfer for your exchange courses. Remember that an incomplete application without the requested documents will not be processed.
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Page manager Published: Mon 28 Sep 2020.