IDEA League

​IDEA League is a network comprising five leading European universities of science and technology

General information about the network
The members of the network are TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, Politecnico di Milano and Chalmers. The universities collaborate in education, research and innovation. They continuously learn from and refer to each other and share experiences. Two of the target groups for the network consist of doctoral students and students at Master’s programme level.
The study modules that Chalmers’ international students have the opportunity of taking part in are IDEA League Student Grant and Summer Schools; see the information under each module heading below.

Information about the IDEA League network and its collaborations
Visit IDEA League’s websites

IDEA League Student Grant

This is designed to promote student and doctoral student collaborations. It gives students an opportunity to conduct all or parts of their degree project at one of the partner universities.

Who can apply?
The IDEA League Student Grant is aimed at Chalmers’ students at Master’s programme level.

Duration of the exchange
From three to a maximum of six months. A shorter duration may be possible subject to approval.

The students can apply for an Erasmus grant for the period during which they are on their student exchange. However, this does not apply to students who plan to attend ETH for their exchange studies. Students planning to go to ETH can apply for a grant from the Swiss government, but they must apply for such a grant at least two months before the start of the degree project. In connection with the nomination to ETH, their coordinator will send out information about applying for the grant.

Application deadline
No later than two months before the planned starting date at the partner university. Students who need to obtain a visa should apply no later than three months before the starting date.

Application process
– Ask the director of your Master’s programme or your director of studies if it is possible for you to do your degree project at one of the partner universities.

– Decide which subject field you want to conduct your project in and which department at one of the universities would be a suitable match.

– Via the website of the partner university that you have chosen, you then search for a way of contacting a presumptive supervisor at the university. There are often already established contacts between professors or equivalent staff at Chalmers and the partner universities. Certain degree projects are also available via the link below.

– Your next step is to contact the presumptive supervisor to ask about opportunities of conducting your degree project there. When making this contact it is important that you include a short description of what your degree project will be about, your schedule (start and end dates), a copy of the official transcript of your grades, your CV and details of any professional work experience.

– When the supervisor has issued a promise that you can do your degree project at the partner university and this has been approved by the director of your Master’s programme/director of studies at Chalmers, you must contact Ann-Marie Danielsson Alatalo to obtain further instructions for your application.

– In this contact you must state which university and department/faculty you want to study at, the name of the person in charge at Chalmers and the name of the supervisor at the partner university together with their email addresses, and the start and end dates for the degree project; this must have been agreed with the supervisor.

Additional information and certain available degree projects
IDEA League Student Grant

IDEA League Summer Schools

These summer schools offer Master’s programme students and doctoral students a unique opportunity to discover new paths in their ongoing studies or research. They will also be able to improve their skills and academic competence. Together with their peers from the partner universities they have the opportunity to form a network outside of the programme. They also have the option of utilising the IDEA League Student Grant at a later date to do a degree project as a follow-up to the summer school.
Each university within the IDEA League collaboration organises one summer school per year.
Who can apply?
Students at Master’s programme level and doctoral students.
Duration of the summer schools
June, July, August and September. 
The summer schools are free of charge for students/doctoral students from universities within the IDEA League collaboration.
Each university that organises a summer school pays for accommodation and lunches during the education. Other costs such as flights, transport and other meals are payable by the student/doctoral student.
The summer schools are advertised on the IDEA League website – see the link below – during the month of May, when the application deadline is also published. Applications must be made via the IDEA League website.
Contact at Chalmers
IDEA League coordinator at Chalmers
Ann-Marie Danielsson Alatalo
Tel: +46 31 772 1552 email:​

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