Erasmus forms

The Erasmus forms can be downloaded here. 

To get the Erasmus Grant these three documents need to be uploaded in MoveOn:

1. Erasmus Grant (only with your signature, you do not need to have the other signatures before you upload it)

2. Learning Agreement (the three signatures need to be on the document when you upload it)

3. Arrival Form (signed by the partner university)

  >  Erasmus Grant Contract​

This​ form is to be filled online in MoveOn

Learning Agreement

Arrival and departure form

Changes in Learning Agreement​

This document can help you to plan your studies abroad (not only for Erasmus, regardless of exchange programme)

Study plan

Below you can find the forms needed for Erasmus Traineeship:

Learning Agreement for Erasmus Traineeship

Erasmus Grant Agreement for Traineeship

Arrival and Departure Form for Traineeship​

Published: Mon 06 Apr 2020.