Compulsory language tests for Erasmus students

Students within the Erasmus exchange must do a language test if the language of instruction at the host university is English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch. Tests and language courses are  provided at the platform Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support (OLS). Students whose mother tongue is the language of instruction don't have to take the test. For other students the test is compulsory and should be taken both before and after the exchange period. Students who need to strengthen their language skills will be offered an online language course, the course is not required but recommended.

When nominated for exchange studies within Erasmus, you'll be entered in the OLS system and receive instructions on how to do the test. If you are offered language training and want to participate, you will get a licence from Chalmers.

If you choose to take an intensive language class in the beginning of the exchange period, you can get up to 250 euro extra to cover the expenses for the language course. ​
Please send receipts and a copy of the course certificate to Jamal Nasir e-mail:

Page manager Published: Thu 09 Apr 2020.