Apply for student exchange

​You use your Chalmers account to login to Moveon by enter your CID with your password.
Before you decide which universities to apply for, please check the following:
  • Assess visa regulations and the possibility to get a residence permit in the country you intend to apply to.
  • Check language requirements and other special entry requirements.
  • Check that the agreement includes your field of study and that there are relevant courses at the right level. 

Make an application

Please fill in the following:
  • Personal data
  • Education
  • Which university you are applying for
  • Bank account for payment of scholarships
  • Specify whether you have done a study break or changed education
  • Upload any attachments
  • Press submit
The application can be edited before sending the final version. Your application is used to register your interest for student exchange. Nominated students need to apply for the host university later.

Application deadlines

MoveOn is open for applications the following periods:
  • January 15 to February 15 for applications to Erasmus and the Nordic countries in the autumn semester or for a full academic year.
  • September 15 to October 1 for applications to Erasmus and the Nordic countries in the spring semester.


Published: Tue 20 Dec 2016. Modified: Mon 29 Apr 2019