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MAMAS - MSc PROGR IN ADVANCED MATERIALS Academic year: 2006/2007


The International Master s Programme ADVANCED MATERIALS reflects the scientifically and technologically broad field of materials science. Materials scientists and engineers are active in fields ranging from fundamental materials development to applications, to materials technology in products and processes. Typically, the materials engineer deals with functional materials, lightweight materials, materials for high temperatures and aggressive environments, semiconductors, biomaterials, liquid crystals and the like. Typically, the materials engineer builds on the broad platforms of physics, chemistry, solid mechanics etc., and is confronted with practical issues like developing new products or making processes more effective, cost competitive and reliable. Based on the vast research activities at Chalmers, the present programme contains a basic part with more fundamental subjects, followed by various lines of specialisations.

The course programme consists of 40 points, a full academic year. The compulsory courses take up 25 points, while the elective ones give 15 points. The elective part of the programme encompasses three main lines of specialiasation:

  • Basic and aplied materials science & engineering
  • Electronic materials technology
  • Biomaterials

Alternatively, the student can select an individual combination of elective courses.

After one year of courses, the student will prepare a thesis work (20 points, nominally five months). Thus, in total the programme consists of 60 points.

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