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Study programme syllabus for
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The Study programme syllabus is adopted 2017-02-13 by Dean of Education and is valid for students starting the programme the academic year 2020/2021

Entry requirements:

General entry requirements:

Basic eligibility for advanced level


Specific entry requirements:


English proficiency:

An applicant to a programme or course with English as language of instruction must prove a sufficient level of English language proficiency. The requirement is the Swedish upper secondary school English course 6 or B, or equivalent. For information on other ways of fulfilling the English language requirement please visit Chalmers web site.


Undergraduate profile:

Major in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or Bioengineering.



Mathematics (at least 30cr.) (including Linear algebra, Multivariable analysis, Differential equations and Mathematical statistics) and Chemistry (at least 37,5 cr.) (including Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry).

General organization:


The purpose of the programme is to offer an engineering education within the materials field where emphasis is on synthesis, chemical characterisation, physical and chemical properties and applications. There is also a close connection to industrially relevant materials, present products as well as materials for the future. The programme focus on different types of materials and materials chemistry. In most courses there is also a strong connection to industrial applications either on a regional, national or international basis.


Learning outcome:

The students will after the programme be able to:
  • Control and properly use fundamentals in the field of materials science, with focus on chemical aspects and properties.
  • Design and synthesize a wide range of materials, relevant both for industry and for academic research, in accordance with a sustainable development.
  • Analyze and evaluate the results from a wide range of materials characterization methods.
  • Learning of professional skills are integrated in the course package:
a. Design, plan and execute a project in a mixed group of students.
b. Communicate experimental results and literature studies, both written and orally, and understand the importance of originality.
  • Analyze and evaluate innovation processes for new materials design.


Extent: 120.0 c



The thesis work can be 30 or 60 credits. The master's research project should be related to the student's specialist field, defined by her/his choice of master's programme.


Courses valid the academic year 2020/2021:

See study programme


Accredited to the following programmes the accademic year 2020/2021:

Degree of Master of Science in Engineering



The Materials Chemistry programme consists of compulsory, compulsory elective, and elective courses, details are given in the programme plan. These courses give a thorough knowledge within the area of materials science with emphasis on the chemical properties of materials.

 Degree requirements:
  Degree of master of science (120 credits):
Passed courses comprising 120 credits
Passed advanced level courses (including degree project) comprising at least 90 credits
Degree project 30 credits
Advanced level courses passed at Chalmers comprising at least 45 credits
Courses (including degree project) within a major main subject 60 credits
Fulfilled course requirements according to the study programme
The prior award of a Bachelors degree, Bachelors degree in fine arts, professional or vocational qualification of at least 180 credits or a corresponding qualification from abroad.

See also the Local Qualifications Framework - first and second cycle qualifications

Title of degree:

Master of Science (120 credits). The name of the Master's programme and the major subject Chemical Engineering are stated in the degree certificate. Specializations and tracks are not stated.


Major subject:

Chemical Engineering


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