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The objective of the International Master's Programme is to impart an advanced level education in Electric Power Engineering to students with an undergraduate level training in a branch of Electrical Engineering. The Master's Programme will be suitable to students desirous of taking up careers in power engineering industries, utilities and other related areas. The course will also be suitable to personnel from power engineering manufacturing companies, power utilities and it will be desirable to attract them, who would seek to update their knowledge on the subject or seek to enhance their qualification. It is envisaged that the strong presence of the electrical power industry in Sweden will provide the required support to the program.

The Master's Programme will be over a duration of six quarters (three semesters). The first four quarters (i.e. the first year) will involve the students in various courses worth 40 credits and the last two quarters will be spent on a thesis work worth 20 credits.

The program is intended to provide the students with advanced and state-of-the-art developments in electric power engineering, dwelling both on the theoretical aspects as well as building a good practical and experimental basis.

The Master's thesis work will be designed to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the course-work to practical understanding the working of the power system. If there is an opportunity, the Master's thesis work can also be carried out at an industry location. The Department shall encourage the students to take up such industry-oriented problems. As mentioned earlier, the Swedish industries have shown strong willingness to offer these kind of positions.

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