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As the IT-revolution accelerates, computer systems play a rapidly growing role in our daily lives. When we fly, computers control the aircraft. Our electricity supply, our mobile phones, even our diaries, all rely on computers for their operation. As we depend on computer systems for our very lives, they must in turn be absolutely dependable. At the same time, computer systems are growing ever more complex; software size doubles every 18 months. Ensuring dependability is a major challenge for the IT-industry. This Master's program will give you a thorough grounding in relevant areas and aquaint you with a selection of hot research topics.

The language of all courses is English.

Entry requirements
Students with three years' university studies, with an emphasis on computer science and engineering, are welcome to apply. For example, a pure computer science degree, or an electrical engineering degree with a substantial element of computing, or a combination of computing with another subject would all qualify you. Your computing studies should provide a reasonable balance between theory and practice. Essential prerequisites are courses in basic programming, algorithms and data structures, discrete mathematics and digital systems.

All participants must show sufficient proficiency in English, e.g. by a TOEFL test (minimum 550). The number of students is limited to 30.

Students must take 40 credits of courses and write a master's thesis for 20 credits. Each course is worth 4 or 5 credits.

Core courses

  • Computer security
  • Fault-tolerant computer systems
  • Functional programming
  • Software engineering using formal methods
  • At least one of: Advanced functional programming, Concurrent programming and Programming languages.
  • At least one Mathematics course; Cryptography, Mathematical logic and Discrete mathematics.

Students may specialise towards dependable architectures or dependable programming by choosing from the courses below. These are suggestions, other combinations of courses are permissible.

Dependable architectures

  • Computer architecture
  • Distributed systems II
  • Hardware description and verification
  • Network security
  • Parallel and distributed real-time systems
  • Parallel computer systems

Dependable programming

  • Advanced functional programming
  • Algorithms II
  • Hardware description and verification
  • Language-based security
  • Semantics of programming languages
  • Topics in computer languages

Research courses
Each year in the autumn we run a series of seven one-week intensive courses in hot research topics, different from year to year. Masters students in their fifth quarter may choose any three for four credits (or any six for eight).

Master's thesis project
The thesis work starts in the spring of the first year and the bulk is done during the last six months. Thesis projects may arise at Chalmers or from industrial partners. In either case, students receive individual supervision at the university.

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