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Study programme for  
The Study programme is adopted 2013-02-20 by Dean of Education

First Year

Dept Course code Element
Note Block Course name, Element type Extent/
Re-sit examination
Oct -13 up to Aug -14

Study period 1
Compulsory courses
50 BOM015 0107 E C Project management, Examination 7,5 24/10-2013 pm V 14/01-2014 am V 26/08-2014 am V
48 SJO237 0113 E X Human factors, Project 7,5

Study period 2
Compulsory courses
48 SJO232 0113 E X Intercultural communication, Project 7,5
48 SJO367 0113  X Research methods, part B, Project 3,5
48 SJO367 0213 S X Research methods, part A, Examination 4,0 18/12-2013 am L 24/04-2014 am L 18/08-2014 am L

Study period 3
Compulsory courses
45 IEK312 0111 E B Quality management, Examination 7,5 15/03-2014 am V 22/08-2014 pm M
Elective courses
48 SJO291 0113 E X Marine risks and insurance, Examination 7,5 13/03-2014 pm L 18/01-2014 am L 26/08-2014 pm L
48 SJO740 0111 E X Marine propulsion systems, Examination 7,5 14/03-2014 am L 22/08-2014 am L
48 SJO810 0113 E X Maritime insurance and transport law, Written and oral assignments 7,5

Study period 4
Compulsory courses
44 IPE061 0103 E A Risk management and safety, Examination 7,5 Contact examiner Contact examiner Contact examiner
Elective courses
48 SJO790 0112 E X Engine room ergonomics, Written and oral assignments 7,5
48 SJO815 0113 E X Maritime environmental law, Written and oral assignments 7,5

* Element includes education in another quarter
S Final grade. All elements element grades are reported before the final grade for the course can be reported.
E The only element in the course. Element grade and grade for the course are reported at the same time.

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