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Syllabus for

Academic year
FUF025 - Advanced subatomic physics
Owner: TTFYA
5,0 Credits (ECTS 7,5)
Grading: TH - Five, Four, Three, Not passed
Level: D

Teaching language: English

Course module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 No Sp
0105 Written and oral assignments 5,0 c Grading: TH   5,0 c    

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Professor  Mikhail Zhukov


For single subject courses within Chalmers programmes the same eligibility requirements apply, as to the programme(s) that the course is part of.

Course specific prerequisites

Quantum physics, subatomic physics, electromagnetism and special relativity.


Ever since 1896 when Becquerel discovered radioactivity subatomic physics has been at the front-line of natural sciences. The aim of the course is to develop a deep and profound knowledge of quantum mechanical systems common to modern nuclear and particle physics. Further the student will acquire specific competences related to the theoretical and experimental tools used to day.


The goal is to develop the scientific methodology of the student so that she/he acquires the theoretical and experimental tools and knowledge of quantum methods required to investigate and interpret strong and electroweak interactions.


Interaction between radiation and matter, additive conservation laws and symmetries, parity operation, charge conjugation, time reversal, electromagnetic interaction, weak interaction and applications to nuclear astrophysics, gauge theories, strong interaction, quarks, mesons and baryons.


Teaching is mediated in lectures.
If conceivable a visit to an international accelerator based laboratory might be arranged.


Copy of Lectures;
Ashok Das, Thomas Ferbel Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics ;
B. Povh, K. Rith, Ch. Scholz, F. Zetsche Particles and Nuclei ;
I.J.R. Aitchison, A.J.G. Hey Gauge Theories in Particle Physics ;
Martinus Veltman Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics


Written solutions of problems, written survey and oral presentation
of the survey.

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