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Syllabus for

Academic year
FSP046 - English for engineers
Engelska för ingenjörsstudenter
Syllabus adopted 2021-02-19 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: SPRAK
7,5 Credits
Grading: TH - Pass with distinction (5), Pass with credit (4), Pass (3), Fail
Education cycle: First-cycle

Course round 1

Teaching language: English
Application code: 99114
Open for exchange students: Yes
Minimum participants: 15
Maximum participants: 50

Module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0110 Take-home examination 7,5 c Grading: TH   3,0 c 4,5 c    

In programs

SPRAK Language and communication, Year 1 


Rebecca Bergman

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Course round 2

This course round is cancelled

Teaching language: English
Application code: 99121
Open for exchange students: Yes
Minimum participants: 15
Maximum participants: 50

Module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0110 Take-home examination 7,5 c Grading: TH   3,0 c 4,5 c    


Rebecca Bergman

Specific entry requirements

English 5 (or by other approved means with the equivalent proficiency level)

Course specific prerequisites

A prerequisite is therefore that students have a good level of English proficiency already at the start of the course. Applicants are expected to have 55% or over in the Master's diagnostic English test or have taken the course FSP055 English.

Link to the Master's diagnostic test: (Log in with your CID)


The aim of the course is to improve students’ level of proficiency in English in different communicative situations. This means developing students' ability in English for academic studies at Master's level as well as in professional life.

Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

The successful student is able to use English effectively and appropriately in advanced academic studies as well as in professional settings. This includes the following:

  • write and revise a variety of texts, both academic and professional.
  • select and structure information in paragraphs, sections, and chapters, keeping the audience in mind.
  • adapt and present information for different oral communication contexts and different audiences.
  • analyse sentences from a grammatical viewpoint and revise for effective communication.
  • give and receive constructive criticism on written and oral work
  • process reading material to use in academic texts.
  • use references appropriately and correctly.


English for Engineers is an optional English communication course, which is open to Chalmers students across disciplines. The course runs over two study periods and focuses on writing and speaking. The course includes the following activities:
  • writing and revising academic texts (e.g. summaries of journal articles, literature review)
  • giving a presentation
  • writing business texts (e.g. CV, emails, proposal)
  • practising oral communication in English (e.g. informal and formal presentations, meetings)
  • responding to peers' writing and presentations, both via text and oral feedback
  • discussing intercultural communication
  • using effective sentence and paragraph structures
  • discussing formal and informal style 
  • reviewing basic grammar structures


The course participants will meet once a week. The seminars consist of lectures, discussions and activities that focus on general English proficiency in the academic setting and professional tasks in English with detailed individual response to the student's own work.This is a blended learning course which means that some seminars / activities will take place online. 



Course literature will be provided on the course website. Chalmers own web-based writing and grammar support will be used: Engonline(a grammar tool), and (a writing guide). Please check the course homepage for more information. 


Examination including compulsory elements

The final grade of the course is based on the written and oral assignments carried out over the two study periods.


The course examiner may assess individual students in other ways than what is stated above if there are special reasons for doing so, for example if a student has a decision from Chalmers on educational support due to disability.

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