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Syllabus for

Academic year
MVE200 - Design and analysis of clinical trials  
Design och analys av kliniska försök
Syllabus adopted 2020-03-12 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: MPENM
7,5 Credits
Grading: TH - Pass with distinction (5), Pass with credit (4), Pass (3), Fail
Education cycle: Second-cycle
Major subject: Mathematics

The course round is cancelled. For further questions, please contact the director of studies MPENM: ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE, MSC PROGR, contact information can be found here. This course round is planned to be given every other year.

Teaching language: English
Application code: 20147
Open for exchange students: No

Module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0108 Examination 7,5 c Grading: TH   7,5 c    

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General entry requirements for Master's level (second cycle)
Applicants enrolled in a programme at Chalmers where the course is included in the study programme are exempted from fulfilling the requirements above.

Specific entry requirements

English 6 (or by other approved means with the equivalent proficiency level)
Applicants enrolled in a programme at Chalmers where the course is included in the study programme are exempted from fulfilling the requirements above.

Course specific prerequisites

Calculus-based probability and mathematical statistics will be used
throughout. Many area of statistical inference can be useful in the
context of clinical trials (categorical methods, linear models,
mixed models, survival analysis etc). Because of that, the more
knowledge the student have the better he or she will be able to
assimilate the content of this course. Minimum requirement is
a course in Statistical linear models.


The aim of the course is to give theoretical and practical knowledge about design and analysis of clinical trials.

Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

After completing the course the student will be able
- to recognize common study designs in clinical trials and explain
their rational,
- to perform statistical analysis appropriate for various
designs covered in the course using software packages.


The clinical trial protocol, sources of bias in clinical trials, blinding,
sample size calculation; design and analysis of phase I, phase II, phase
III and
hybrid trials; interim analysis, non-inferiority studies; stochastic
curtailment, Bayes
designs, and administrative issues in study design.


Lectures, computer exercise classes.


Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Concepts and Methodologies (Wiley
Series in Probability and Statistics) (Hardcover) by Shein-Chung Chow,
Jen-Pei Liu plus some handouts.

Examination including compulsory elements

Home assignments and written final examination.

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