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Syllabus for

Academic year
EDA450 - Fundamentals of digital systems and computer engineering
Owner: TDATA
6,0 Credits (ECTS 9)
Grading: TH - Five, Four, Three, Not passed
Level: A
Department: 0735 - Computer engineering

Teaching language: Swedish

Course module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 No Sp
0103 Examination, part A 2,0 c Grading: TH   2,0 c   16 Dec 2003 am M,  17 Apr 2004 am M,  26 Aug 2004 am V
0203 Examination, part B 2,0 c Grading: TH   2,0 c   08 Mar 2004 am M,  15 Jan 2004 am M,  19 Aug 2004 pm V
0303 Laboratory 2,0 c Grading: UG   1,0 c 1,0 c    

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Course specific prerequisites



To give basic knowledge and overiews needed for further indepth studies in the areas of digital techniques and computer engineering


Introduction to
- fundamental elements and concepts of digital techniques and computer engineering
- combinational and sequential networks
- the traditional computer as a synchronously working digital machine
- its instruction executing way of processing and communicating with surroundings
- binary coding of data and instructions
- the formation of an assembly language and writing programs therein
- relations between control structures in conventional high-level languages and structures of assembly instructions
- the process of compilation.


Following the introduction students are working, on their own and in groups, with well defined topics according to a time schedule. Some training is done with assistance of instructors. When suitable students will build and test their designs in laborative excercises. Each topic is closed through a lecture rounding up the topic and treating its essentials.

Examplifying is done through realistic excercises. A simple traditional processor is used, as pedagogical means, for excercises and as target for writing programs and other studies.


Johnson, Larsson & Arebrink: Grundläggande digital- och datorteknik, del 1 - Digitalteknik. Larsson & Arebrink: Grundläggande digital- och datorteknik, del 2 - Datorteknik.


Written exams and passed laborative excercises.

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