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Syllabus for

Academic year
ENM090 - Environmental impact assessment
Syllabus adopted 2010-02-18 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: MPTSE
7,5 Credits
Grading: TH - Five, Four, Three, Not passed
Education cycle: Second-cycle
Major subject: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Teaching language: English
Open for exchange students
Block schedule: A
Maximum participants: 35

Course module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0108 Examination 7,5 c Grading: TH   7,5 c   21 Oct 2013 pm M,  13 Jan 2014 pm V,  21 Aug 2014 pm V

In programs

MPTSE INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, MSC PROGR, Year 1 (compulsory elective)



For single subject courses within Chalmers programmes the same eligibility requirements apply, as to the programme(s) that the course is part of.

Course specific prerequisites

Bachelor degree in natural science or technical subjects. Students with equivalent education can be allowed to enter the course after a special evaluation. Basic courses in mathematics and/or statistics equivalent to 15 hec, applied environmental sciences and/or sustainable development 7,5 hec.
Preferably natural science at least equal to the level of the course FFR166 "Science of environmental change"


The course will give advanced knowledge on Environmental Impact Assessments in an international perspective. Focus will be on the processes and methods used to implement the goals of EIA. Examples on how the EIA process is carried out in different countries will also be included. Training in methods and project work is also given. The course is based on lectures, seminars, exercises, excursions and project work.

Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

  • demonstrate knowledge about the motivation and background for performing environmental impact assessments

  • demonstrate knowledge and skills in relation to the framework and procedures of environmental impact assessment with specific regard to its basic principles, definitions, procedures and applied methods


The course is structured around a set if initial lectures with adjoining exercises that will illustrate important aspects.


Examination will be a written examination.

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