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Syllabus for

Academic year
ARK131 - Matter, space, structure 2
Syllabus adopted 2012-02-14 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: MPARC
15,0 Credits
Grading: TH - Five, Four, Three, Not passed
Education cycle: Second-cycle
Major subject: Architecture
Department: 55 - ARCHITECTURE

Teaching language: English
Open for exchange students
Block schedule: X

Course module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0108 Project, part A 7,5 c Grading: TH   7,5 c    
0208 Project, part B 7,5 c Grading: TH   7,5 c    

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Konstnärlig professor  Morten Lund


ARK130   Matter, space, structure 2A


For single subject courses within Chalmers programmes the same eligibility requirements apply, as to the programme(s) that the course is part of.

Course specific prerequisites

Qualification for the master programme.


Architecture is matter formed into space. The studio course aims to augment skills in architectural design with an understanding of sustainibility in its wide sence.

Emphasis is put on the iterative design process driven by physical representations such as model making and drawing, and informed by experiments in computational design.

Furthermore the design projects is rooted in Gothenburg in close dialogue with the community to give the studies a democratic perspective.

The architectural discourse is placed in an international context with a wide network of professionals and academics.

Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

Present an architectural design project:
- based on a complex context with a clear conceptual intent
- informed by material and structural conditions in social and cultural realities
- communicated through conventional architectural representations and new experimantal media


There is a choice between two branches:
- a semester course with the emphasis on the design process
- the second semester of a full year course with the emphasis on research by design


The course is a part of an active studio environment where the students are expected to participate diligently on a full time committment


To be announced


Continous project critiques with a concluding portfolio rewiew

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