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Syllabus for

Academic year
FFR141 - Complex systems seminar
Syllabus adopted 2011-02-22 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: MPCAS
7,5 Credits
Grading: UG - Fail, pass
Education cycle: Second-cycle
Major subject: Engineering Physics
Department: 16 - PHYSICS

Only for students admitted to MPCAS
Teaching language: English
Block schedule: X

Course module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0108 Project, part A 3,0 c Grading: UG   1,5 c 1,5 c    
0208 Project, part B 4,5 c Grading: UG   1,5 c 3,0 c    

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Professor  Martin Nilsson Jacobi


FFR140   Complex systems seminar


For single subject courses within Chalmers programmes the same eligibility requirements apply, as to the programme(s) that the course is part of.


This seminar course intended only for the Master's program students runs through the entire first year. The course consists of seminars where invited scientists present their research, discussion of selected articles in the field, and presentations of student projects.

Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

The student should acquire basic skills in presentation of a scientific topic on a graduate (masters) level in complex systems science


The course gives the Master's students practice in oral presentation of scientific topics, practice in searching for scientific information, and opportunities to discuss ongoing projects with faculty and other students.
A project, which in particular includes a comprehensive study and review of the literature on a selected topic, is part of the course.



The course is given during the entire year on the masters program in complex systems. Normally there will be one seminar per week where two students each give an approximately 30 min presentation on a subject of their choice in complex systems science.

See also the course homepage.


The literature will be specific for the different topics chosen by the student.

There are links to online material covering guidelines in oral presentations in science.


Oral presentations during the course. Compulsory attandenace at lectures.

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