Regulations for Teaching

The regulations, drawn up in cooperation with the Student Union and employer and union partners, were confirmed by the Work Environment and Equality Committee on 3 October 2007.

Those who participate in teaching shall:

  • Comply with the existing regulations and teachers’ instructions,
  • Use the safety devices and exercise other such precautions as are needed for the prevention of ill-health and accidents,
  • Use the regulation safety equipment, and
  • Contribute to environmental work and participate in carrying out the measures necessary to achieve a good working environment.

If a student finds that some work involves immediate and serious risk to life or health, the student shall promptly inform the teacher. 

The teacher shall see that the student is given the requisite instructions and understands what they mean. The teacher decides whether sound recording, photography, filming and similar recordings of lectures, seminars and other teaching situations may occur.​ In a teaching situation, a teacher has the right to immediately take necessary measures to maintain order and safety or to avert danger. Such a measure can be to dismiss one or more students from a part of the teaching session.

If dismissal or other instructions are not obeyed, the teacher may if necessary break off the teaching. If the same student is dismissed from a class more than once, this shall be reported to the Head of the Programme of Study, as well as the student ombudsman.

The teacher shall refer the matter to the President of Chalmers if the breach of regulations is serious or does not stop after a warning. The President of Chalmers decides whether the matter shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee. 

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