The academic year - dates and times

Academic Year

An acadmic year at Chalmers is divided into two semesters, where each semester consists of two study periods. A study period consists of seven to nine study weeks and ends with an examination period. A number of self study days can also be part of a study period. There are also five re-sit examination periods distributed over the academic year.

Autumn term:
Monday August 30, 2021 - Sunday January 16, 2022

Spring term:
Monday January 17, 2022 - Sunday June 5, 2022

Mandatory programme registration for incoming Master's students (admitted to a 2 year programme), 2021-08-09 - 2021-08-30
Further information is available at the Student Portal > Incoming student 2021

Registration course instance
The registration opens Monday three weeks before the course instance starts and closes the second Monday in the course instance.

The Student Union's career contact days (CHARM, arbetsmarknadsdagar) at the Johanneberg campus.
All lectures and classes that are scheduled for Master and incoming exchange students on Tuesday February 8, 2022 in the afternoon from 1 pm to 4 pm should be changed to another time. All lectures and classes after 10 am on Wednesday February 9, 2022 are to be cancelled for these students.

Personal growth training program - Of Course
Thursday February 17, 2022. All lectures and classes are to be cancelled from 12 am for all students.

According to Chalmers wage agreement Easter Eve, Friday following Ascension Day, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are equivalent to holidays. On the following working days, ordinary working hours are reduced by four hours (half day): Walpurgis Eve, the day before All Hallow's Eve and 23 december. Such working free time shall not be scheduled.

From To
Sign-up re-sit examination days August Thu 2021-07-01 Sun 2021-08-01
Re-sit examination days August Mon 2021-08-16 Sat 2021-08-28

Aut 2021 From To
Sign-up re-sit examination days October Thu 2021-07-01 Thu 2021-09-23
Examination sign-up study period 1 Mon 2021-08-09 Fri 2021-10-08
Study period 1 Mon 2021-08-30 Sun 2021-10-31
Re-sit examination days October/self-study Fri 2021-10-08 Sat 2021-10-09
Examination sign-up study period 2 Mon 2021-10-11 Mon 2021-12-20
Examination days 1 Sat 2021-10-23 Sat 2021-10-30
Study period 2 Mon 2021-11-01 Sun 2022-01-16
Sign-up re-sit examination days January Mon 2021-11-22 Tue 2021-12-14
Self-study Mon 2021-12-20 Thu 2021-12-30
Examination sign-up study period 3 Mon 2021-12-27 Sun 2022-01-16
Re-sit examination days January/Self-study Mon 2022-01-03 Wed 2022-01-05
Self-study Fri 2022-01-07 Fri 2022-01-07
Examination days 2 Sat 2022-01-08 Sat 2022-01-15

Spr 2022 From To
Examination sign-up study period 3, continued Mon 2022-01-17 Fri 2022-02-25
Study period 3 Mon 2022-01-17 Sun 2022-03-20
CHARM (Career contact days) Tue 2022-02-08 Wed 2022-02-09
Sign-up re-sit examination days Easter Tue 2022-02-08 Fri 2022-03-25
Personal growth training program - Of Course Thu 2022-02-17 Thu 2022-02-17
Examination sign-up study period 4 Mon 2022-02-28 Wed 2022-05-11
Examination days 3 Sat 2022-03-12 Sat 2022-03-19
Study period 4 Mon 2022-03-21 Sun 2022-06-05
Re-sit examination days Easter/Self-study Mon 2022-04-11 Wed 2022-04-13
Self-study Thu 2022-04-14 Tue 2022-04-19
Sign-up re-sit examination days June Mon 2022-04-25 Thu 2022-05-19
Self-study Fri 2022-05-27 Fri 2022-05-27
Examination days 4 Sat 2022-05-28 Sat 2022-06-04
Re-sit examination days June Wed 2022-06-08 Fri 2022-06-10

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