Video guides for newly arrived students

This page will be updated during spring/summer 2021

How do I protect myself from phishing? Who do I contact if I need help and counselling? What do I do if I get sick? How can I meet new friends and find social activities? Where can I book group rooms and borrow books? It's natural to have many questions about your new school and country, and we will try to answer them the best we can!  

More info about each topic are found on  the Student Portal

A video about IT Security, passwords, phishing, and other scary stuff...  How can you protect yourself? And who can you ask for advice?

Learn more about Chalmers Library and what services are offered to our students. Welcome to visit and contact us online. Librarian Lisa Larsson presents Chalmers student library and writing centre and what services they offer to you as a student.

Feelgood Gothenburg City is your student health centre. You can contact Feelgood if you experience problems with study-related illness. You are always offered an initial assessment visit where the staff can direct you to the right competence at Feelgood or at another healthcare provider outside the student health centre. Feelgood has general medical reception for international students at Chalmers who are not entitled to general Swedish health care.

Every program at Chalmers has a program team and Student guidance coucelors. Here is a short information from our student counselors, what the can help you with and how to get in contact if you need counseling. 

Other useful links for newly admitted students

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