Master's student (admitted to a 2 year programme)

Mandatory programme registration

Chalmers applies self-service online programme registration in Ladok for all admitted students. Follow the instructions and pay attention to the dates. You must complete the programme registration on time or you will lose your study place. Read the terms and conditions on how you must take active measures to male sure that you do claim your study place.

How to register (enrol) on-line from 10 to 31 August 2020

In order to complete the mandatory programme registration, you will use the self-service registration system in Ladok.
  1. To access the self-service registration system in Ladok, click on the link below and you will be re-directed.
  2. Click “Choose university”. Choose Chalmers and click Proceed to Login and fill in your details.
  3. You must register for every alternative that is open for registration now.
    Below the headline Current education
    they menu shows
    "Upcoming" (Pic A and B). You must also register for the alternative named Mandatory programme registration CTH200.
    Once the registration is submitted correctly, each alternative moves to the menu “Current” (Pic C).
Mandatory registration
*) The alternative called Mandatory programme registration/CTH200
Once you have access to the self-service registration system in Ladok, you must register for every alternative open for  registration (available blue button) including  Mandatory programme registration/CTH200. This is mandatory to show you have begun your studies and is part of the terms and conditions in the Regulation for claiming your study place. It is mandatory and will be checked by Chalmers admissions. The registration period is strictly limited for new students. **
For information:
CTH200 does not generate (higher education) credits and it's status will remain as "on-going" in Ladok.
CTH200 will not affect an applications for study assistance/funds/loans from CSN and the course will not be stated on the degree certificate.
CTH200 will not be listed on the official trancript (of records) if you actively choose to include completed courses only.
**) Take note that the dates for mandatory programme registration is specifically for new students in semester 1, year 1 and is not to be confused with the Registration study period 1, which is applicable only for current students with on-going studies in the later years of the programme.

Check out your Chalmers account (CID) via My account portal 

In order to participate in teaching at Chalmers, you need a Chalmers account (CID). You will be able to check out an account 24 hours after completing the registration in Ladok (instructions above). (If you have a CID currently, proceed to check the schedule for your programme.) The My account-portal is currently under development. Should it not be completed in time before the course starts, we will instead send activation codes to your postal address which is stated in Ladok.
If you receive an error-message, please contact IT-services.
IT-Services at Chalmers

You are responsible for keeping your address and contact details up to date
Check and if needed, update your e-mail and other contact information.

Find your way, interactive map app

Download Chalmers map app to find your way on campus

Schedule from day 1 of the semester

In TimeEdit (link below) you can search for the time and place for the start-up meeting with your programme, and the schedule for your programme. 
  1. Check up the programme code for your programme in the list below, enter the code in the search box and press search.
  2. The programme code, together with number 1 or 2 showing year 1 or 2 of the programme, and the name of the programme will be displayed in the box Result.
  3. Click on your schedule, it will be moved to the box My criteria, press show schedule and the schedule will be displayed.
You can also make your personal course schedule, by switching to course in the search box, entering course codes and follow the instructions above.

Find your code - use it in TimeEdit (to access your schedule)

Code     Programme

​MPAME ​Applied Mechanics​
​MPDSD Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability
​MPARC ​Architecture and urban design
​MPAUT ​Automotive Engineering
​MPBME ​​Biomedical Engineering
​MPBIO ​Biotechnology
​Communication Engineering
​MPCAS  ​Complex Adaptive Systems
​MPALG ​Computer Science - Algorithms, Languages and Logic
​MPCSN ​Computer Systems and Networks
​Data Science and AI
​Design and Construction Project Management
​MPEPO ​Electric Power Engineering
​Embedded Electronic System Design
​MPENM​ ​Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science
​MPBDP ​Entrepreneurship and Business Design​​​​​​​​​​​
​MPHPC  ​High Performance Computer Systems
​MPDES ​Industrial Desig​n Engineering
​Industrial Ecology
​MPIEE   ​Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering
​MPISC ​Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering
​Interaction Design and Technologies
​Kompletterande pedagogisk utbildning (KPU) 90hp, samläses med MPLOL (tuition language Swedish)
​Lärande och Ledarskap/Learning and Leadership (tuition language Swedish)
​MPMEI   ​Management and Economics of Innovation
​MPMAR ​Maritime Management
​Materials Chemistry
​Materials Engineering
​MPNAV ​Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
​MPPHS ​​​​​​​​​​ ​Physics
​MPPDE ​Product Development
​MPPEN ​Production Engineering
​MPQOM ​Quality and Operations Management
​MPSOF ​Software Engineering and Technology
​MPSOV ​Sound and Vibration
​MPSEB ​Structural Engineering and Building Technology
​MPSCM ​Supply Chain Management
​MPSES ​Sustainable Energy Systems
​MPSYS ​Systems, Control and Mechatronics
​MPWPS ​Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering​

Published: Mon 22 Jun 2020.