Students who are admitted to summer courses conducted online in the summer of 2020

To be able to follow the course, you must register. Mandatory registration is open from the day you received the Notification of selection result to the day before the course starts only. NOTE! Register as soon as you receive the notification.

This applies to the summer courses
  • ​​Builing physics, advanced course 7,5 hp 
  • Structural concrete – 7,5 hp 
  • Project management in construction – 7,5 hp 
  • Real estate finance – 7,5 hp 
  • Additive manufacturing – 5 hp​
  • BIM: Byggnadsinformationsmodellering - 3 hp (Swedish) 
  • Strukturberäkningar för finita elementmetoden - 7,5 hp (Swedish)
  • Introduktion till programmering i Python - 7,5 hp (Swedish)
Read these instructions carefully first:
  1. When you click on the direct link below you will come to a login page in Ladok.
  2. Click on "Choose university". NOTE! Now enter in the search box. You should not select Chalmers from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on - and click Login.
  4. Log in with your personal identity number as username and password which is the same as you have on (
  5. You must register for the course which is open for registration under Current Education under the "Upcoming" menu (Figures A and B). When you have registered, the course is moved to the "Current" menu (picture C). During the dates the course is open for registration, you can click on the direct link below to the login in Ladok.

Schedule and study start date

See the respective course website (use the web browser Firefox or Chrome)
Builing physics, advanced course 7,5 hp 
Structural concrete – 7,5 hp ​
Project management in construction – 7,5 hp 
Real estate finance – 7,5 hp​ 
Additive manufacturing – 5 hp​​
BIM: Byggnadsinformationsmodellering - 3 hp​ 
Strukturberäkningar med finita elementmetoden - 7,5 hp​
Introduktion till programmering i Python - 7,5 hp​

Collect your computer account

In order to participate in teaching at Chalmers you need a Chalmers account (CID).
You check out your Chalmers account (CID) (at the earliest one day after registering for the course) via the portal

If you need to update your contact details in Ladok, you can do it on the link below.

Decline your offer of admission

If you have been admitted to a course but are no longer interested to take the course, it is important that you decline your offer of admission.


Published: Tue 16 Jun 2020.