First time at Chalmers (video guides)

How do I protect myself from phishing? Who do I contact if I need help and counselling? What do I do if I get sick? Where can I book group rooms and borrow books? It's only natural to have many questions about your new school. Here you will find video guides on things you need to think about once the semester has started.​

The Student Centre (video)
Here you get information from us at the Student Centre about what is important to think about before starting your studies.

Here you get information from the international coordinators about what is important to think about before starting your studies.

Learn more about Chalmers Account (CID) and passwords, as well as how to find more information and get help.

 IT Security (video)
A video about IT Security, passwords, phishing, and other scary stuff...  How can you protect yourself? And who can you ask for advice?

Disability coordinator and Equality coordinator (video)​

Here we inform about what support Chalmers offers if you have a disability and how you can get help if you experience harassment of any kind.

 The library (video)
Learn more about Chalmers Library and what services are offered to our students. 

Feelgood Gothenburg City is your student health centre. Feelgood has general medical reception for international students at Chalmers who are not entitled to general Swedish health care.

Other useful links for newly admitted students


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