Incoming student 2018

Welcome to Chalmers!

We are delighted that you have chosen Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg as your study destination. We welcome you during our Welcome week 27-31 August. The semester starts Monday 3 September. At these pages we have collected information to help you meet your first weeks. 

To do - your first days at Chalmers

1. Register for your courses at your programme - mandatory! 

Please note that this page will be updated with more information, so make sure you got all information before you start your studies.

Being admitted to a programme is not the same as being registered. You need to register for all your courses in your programme in order to attend any course. The registration will be done online, latest 3 September, it's your own responsibilty to make sure you are registered.

How to register

If you don't have a Swedish personal identity number

In order to do your mandatory registration for your courses,  you must first collect your computer account as you will need it to be able to do your registration. You register here between 31 August and 3 September If you don't register on your courses in time you will loose your place at your programme.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number (YYMMDD-XXXX)

Register here between 17 August and 3 September. If you don't register on your courses in time you will loose your place at your programme. The pictures below show how it looks when you have registered.

  • Du kan logga in på olika sätt, första gången du loggar in skriver du i sökfältet och väljer Proceed to login.

  • välj: – The Identity Provider for students with account in the NyA-system

  • Därefter loggar du in med ditt personnummer och lösenord (samma som du använde på när du sökte till utbildningen).
  • När du hämtat ditt datorkonto på Chalmers (31/8 eller 3/9) kan du välja att logga in med ditt CID (Chalmers ID) Chalmers – Identity Provider for Chalmers.

Register on courses. Register > Current education > Upcoming

Printscreen from Ladok for students

Printscreen from Ladok for students

2. Get your computer account, Chalmers ID (CID)

Your computer account will give you access to login on the Student Portal, get wifi and to reach the course homepage. You must pick up your computer account on Friday, 31 August or on Monday, 3 September.

How to get my computer account

3. Get your Key card/Student union card

Your Student union card is a mulit-functional card that works both as a student discount card and a key card. It gives you access to the premises that your programme has at its disposal and also premises common to all students. When you get your computer account you will get a temporary student union card.

4. Being a member of the Student Union

At Chalmers it's mandatory to be a member of the Student Union. You need to pay the membership fee (Around SEK 240, included if you pay tuition fee)  each semester.

Student Union: New at Chalmers - FAQ

5. Apply for a Swedish personal identity number

If you intend to stay one year or more in Sweden, you should apply for a Personal Identity Number at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). 

The Swedish Tax  Agency webpage

6. Schedule

In TimeEdit you will find your schedule, the schedule for the autumn semester will be published on 15 June. How the next academic year is planned you can see on the link below.

Find your schedule

Academic year

7. Login to your e-mail

All students will be offered a chalmers e-mail account. Later on you will have the opportunity to update your information and select the e-mail you want to be reached on.

8. Chalmers map app

Download the map of the Campuses. You can search for lecture rooms, buildings, bus- and tram stops, restaurants and cafés and a lot more. 

Download Chalmers map app

9. Library card

To get a Library card, you need to visit one of the libraries.

Get a library card

New at the library


Published: Wed 05 May 2010. Modified: Thu 30 Aug 2018