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Plan for your first time at Chalmers

How nice that you found this page! Below we have compiled information that you need to be able to plan for your first time at Chalmers.

Participation from the start of the semester is expected 

You must take full responsibility of your study situation and study plan. Courses at Chalmers may include mandatory parts/assignments etc. that are offered only during the current course. A course is often a prerequisite for an upcoming course, i.e. progression in the curricula, which requires the knowledge from previous course/courses. Therefore, you need to be present and actively participate in the on campus studies throughout the semester and you are expected to be on site from the study start, the first day of the autumn semester.

This means that it will not be possible to apply for postponed enrollment, whether via Chalmers admission, course coordinator or other party.

You have claimed the study place once you have registered the mandatory online registration in Ladok and you are enrolled at your programme. However, if  you do not participate from the start of the semester, you can neither ask for extra support from teachers or other staff due to late arrival, nor for an altered personal curricula. There will be no refund of the tuition fee for a course not taken (when the course was part of the curricula but you did not attend it due to absence). The offer of a study place at Chalmers is valid for studies beginning in the autumn semester of year one, studies cannot be postponed to the spring semester.

Chalmers will not offer on-line tuition, unless it is part of the regular tuition practice for that course/part of the course.

You need to be an active student and claim your study place.

Study strategies

On this page you will find, among other things, tips on how to improve your study strategies.

Study with functional variations/disabilities 

Do you need help with better conditions for your studies? Regardless of functional variation / disability, 
you will find information about different support measures. 
Students with functional variations/disabilities​

Get started with Zoom

Zoom is used for both teaching and meetings at Chalmers.

New at the library

On Chalmers campuses, there are several libraries. 

Other useful links for newly admitted students

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