Admitted to single subject courses

The following applies to you who have been admitted to courses starting in the spring semester 2021

Reply to your offer, before the deadline

Remember to reply to your offer (accept the study place) via your account on no later than 16 December 2020.
Make sure you get a confirmation that you have accepted, it is confimed by an email. If you did reply before the deadline, you will lose your place.

Mandatory registration 4 - 25 January

In January, you must complete the mandatory registration to retain your place.
You enroll via the on-line registration service and it is open between 4 and 25 January.

Single-subject courses, study period 3, spring semester 2021

The semester starts January 18, for specific information about your course click on the links below.

How to enroll (register)

Read these instructions carefully before you start to register:
  1. When you click on the direct link below you will come to Ladok.
  2. Click on "Choose university".
  3. Under "Find Your Institution" you enter "".
    NOTE! It's importent that you not select Chalmers, this because you probably not have an active computer accout at Chalmers.

  4. Click on -

  5. Log in with your personal identity number (personnummer) as username and password which is the same as you have on (
  6. You must register for the course which is open for registration under Current Education under the "Upcoming" menu (Figures A and B). When you have registered, the course is moved to the "Current" menu (picture C). During the dates the course is open for registration, you can click on the direct link below to the login in Ladok.
    Login to Ladok to register​

New student at Chalmers

To be able to participate in teaching at Chalmers, you need a Chalmers account (CID). You can check this out at the earliest via the MyAccount portal one day after you have enrolled (registered) for the course / program.
(If you already have a CID, go directly to the schedule.)
MyAccount - Administration of your Chalmers account (CID)
If you receive an error message (after registering and waiting at least 24 hours) contact IT services for support.

You are responsible for keeping you contact information up to date

You must have a current, correct email address in Ladok. Check and update your contact information in Ladok if necessary via the link below.

Schedule and the academic year

You can search for your schedule in TImeEdit using the course course code (check your Notification of selection result)
In TimeEdit
The academic year - dates and times

Mandatory Chalmers student union fee

To be a member of Chalmers student union is mandatory. If you are admitted to a course of 7,5hp (credits) or less credits, you are exempted from membership.
Contact the Student Union Office or send an email to

Decline your offer of admission

If you have been admitted to a course but no longer intend to take the course, it is important that you decline your offer of admission.

Page manager Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021.