CIRC - Chalmers International Reception Committee

CIRC is a committee within the Student Union and its aim is to help new students to get used to the student life at Chalmers and in Gothenburg. All the board members in CIRC are students at Chalmers and work with dedication to organize a great and exciting reception for you. During these weeks there will be a lot of events where you will be able to make new friends and have fun. Starting  in August, the reception begins! The first week of the reception you’ll not have lectures, therefore you’ll have plenty of free time to join all the events.

Get a phadder (and a whole phadder group:)

In order to make your experience as good as possible you’ll be assigned to a phadder group. Your phadder will help you to find the answers to your questions about the life in Gothenburg, about Chalmers and about the Student Union. There are many activities planned for the phadder groups so you will get to know each
other better and enjoy your time in Gothenburg. The purpose is that the people you get to meet during this period become your friends during your stay in Chalmers and long after that. If you want to know more about CIRC, get a phadder and join our events don’t hesitate to visit our website and follow us on Facebook.

Page manager Published: Fri 09 Dec 2022.