Master's thesis work

Every master's programme is completed with a master's thesis work. The overall goal of the concluding degree project, which is an important part of the education programme, is to display knowledge and capability required for independent work as a Master of Science in Engineering, Architecture or Master of Science. The master's thesis must be reported openly, in the form of a written report with an oral presentation and comprises 30 credits. The learning objectives for a master's thesis are formulated in the document below.

Scan and email the completed form for registration to, before your Master's thesis work start.
Submit the completed work card to the department where you accomplish your thesis.

Special information due to the covid-19 pandemic

Management of degree projects and bachelor's theses 

Note! The instructions below were valid during the spring of 2020 and will be reviewed shortly. 

  • All supervision of degree projects and bachelor’s theses should be done remotely. 
  • Degree projects and bachelor’s theses which require access to campus facilities (labs/workshops etc) may be carried out as planned – if you, as student, wish to do so. This is dependent on whether you can carry out the work without putting yourself or others at risk of infection, that is, if the work can be carried out in small groups (2–3 people). This is also on the condition that the work can be carried out without supervision on campus, and that under ordinary conditions, you would have been able to carry out the same task independently. Supervisors should make a risk assessment. Alternatively, the work can be rearranged so that you can carry it out entirely remotely. 
  • Degree projects and bachelor’s theses that are to be carried out at a company can continue as long as the company permits it. If the company does not permit the thesis to be carried out with them or at their premises, contact your thesis supervisor.​ 
  • Presentations for degree projects and bachelor’s theses shall be carried out digitally if they are scheduled for study period 4. For presentations during examination week, a decision has not yet been made, but it is recommended that they also be carried out digitally. 
  • To be able to document that you have passed the compulsory elements of your degree projects or bachelor’s theses, you must create a "digitalt arbetskort" (for 15 credits) or a "Work Card" (for 30 and 60 credits). Instructions can be found in Canvas​​.​​

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Information Literacy course

The information Literacy course intends to improve the ability to effectively search for and critically evaluate information resources. 

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