Welcome to Chalmers!

Welcome to Chalmers University of Technology for the Autumn term 2020

We are very glad that you have chosen to spend an exchange semester or year at our university. Every year we are welcoming around 600 incoming exchange students from all over the world and we are dedicated to doing our best to make your stay at Chalmers as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. 

Courses start August 31.

At the end of August there will be several events for all new students. Your first days here are important for the start of your studies and for your contacts with fellow students. 

lease note! Due to covid-19, the welcome and orientation week will for the most part be digital, and the information on this page will be updated in the coming weeks.

Comprehensive information on the Covid-19 situation at Chalmers

At chalmers.se/info you will find comprehensive information and instructions on the situation regarding Covid-19. The information is continuously updated. Read also more about the education at Chalmers this autumn (The Student portal)​.

Get a phadder

In order to make your experience at Chalmers as good as possible you’ll be assigned to a phadder group. Your phadder will help you to find the answers to your questions about the life in Gothenburg, about Chalmers and about the Student Union. There are many activities planned for the phadder groups so you will get to know each other better and enjoy your time in Gothenburg.

Coordinators at Chalmers International Mobility

As an incoming exchange student, you have been assigned an international coordinator at Chalmers who can help you with academic and practical matters during your semester(s).
Contact details to your coordinator

The Chalmers Campus App

It can be a little bit tricky to find your way at our campuses but the Chalmers Campus App is really helpful! You can search for lecture rooms, buildings, bus- and tram stops, restaurants and cafés and a lot more. The app works both for Android and Apple.

Download app


Once again, you are very welcome to Chalmers University of Technology and we hope that you are going to have a nice and enjoyable time in Gothenburg!

Chalmers International Mobility Team - CIM

Published: Mon 31 Aug 2020.