Transcripts and certificates

Transcript of records

Incoming exchange students from Europe
When you have completed your studies at Chalmers we encourage you to generate an official electronic Transcript of records from our Student Portal when all your courses have been reported. At the end of each transcript you will find a verification code and a link to our system where you can validate the transcript. Chalmers strives to contribute to a sustainable environment and for this reason we have decided not to provide our partner universities within Europe or students from Europe with an official Transcript of records in paper. In case you will need a paper version of your transcript, please inform your coordinator about this.

Incoming exchange outside of Europe
When you have completed your studies at Chalmers, a final transcript will be issued and sent to the International Office at your home university. The transcript with the
results from the autumn semester will be sent in mid-February. The transcript with the results from the spring semester will be sent in mid-July. If you have studied a whole year at Chalmers, the transcript sent in July will contain all your courses.
If you have questions about your results, please contact your coordinator.

Certificate of registration

Certificates stating that you are enrolled at Chalmers can be printed out at any time from the Student Portal, when you are signed in. If you have certificates from your home university which need to be signed, please bring them to your coordinator.

Published: Fri 17 May 2019.