Transcripts and certificates

​Transcript of records

Incoming exchange students 
You will be able to login into the Student Portal and print your electronic transcript of records when your grades have been reported in the Ladok system. There is a link at the end of the transcript that your university can use in order to validate the transcript. From June 2020, Chalmers will not issue any paper-based transcripts.

Your computer account at Chalmers is valid for 6 months after you have finished your studies at Chalmers. Please note that when these 6 months have passed, you will no longer be able to print your transcript of records from the Student Portal. ​

Grades from examinations should be reported in Ladok within 15 working days after your examination day. You should contact the examiner for the specific course directly if you miss any grade. Ask him/her to report the grade and mark the course as completed in Ladok.

n case your home university requires a personal verification of your transcript of records, please ask responsible person at your university to contact the international coordinator at Chalmers International Mobility (CIM).

Certificate of registration
Certificates stating that you are enrolled at Chalmers can be printed out at any time from the Student Portal, when you are signed in. If you have certificates from your home university which need to be signed, please bring them to your coordinator at Chalmers International Mobility.

Page manager Published: Wed 20 May 2020.