Individual project or Master's thesis work

To do an individual project or Master's thesis work during your exchange turn directly to the departments with a request. Introduce yourself, your background and the outlines of the project you would like to do. The capacity to receive exchange students for projects or thesis work vary among the departments. Chalmers can't guarantee that we can offer projects for exchange students.

You must also make an formal application if you intend to write your thesis at Chalmers and receive university credits when it is completed. When you have established contact with the department and an examiner has been assigned to you, they will guide you in the application process. Your examiner or supervisor is welcome to contact Chalmers Admissions to initiate the application process and get accessibility to the application form. Chalmers Admissions only accepts applications with a designated examiner.

Chalmers Admissions


Published: Tue 13 Mar 2018.