Add and drop courses


Under the heading  "Course information" above, you will find the section "Search course". Start by choosing the current academic year. Then you can use different search criteria, such as department and language of instructions. You can also type in key words in the "course name" section.

Most of the courses are open for exchange students but not all. You can tick the box saying "This course is open for exchange students" to filter.

Some courses are not available for non-degree students and some courses have a limited number of places.

Also, you can narrow your selection to certain study period ( quarter 1,2,3 or 4). 

Important- prerequisites and timetable

When you select courses for your individual study plan you have to consider the prerequisites and the timetable. The prerequisites are stated under each course and they should be respected. 

Also, plan your studies so that you take 15 credits each study period. Normally that should be two courses. Each course belongs to a "block", A, B, C or D. Choose courses from different blocks to avoid that the timetables collide. 

View the schedule here

Choose within your field of study

The prerequisites state what previous knowledge you need to have to be able to start the course. Also, you need to stick to your field of study. Most courses that are open for exchange students are on advanced level and they require three years of previous studies in that certain field. So for instance, a student in electrical engineering will not be allowed to take an advanced course in architecture.

Add courses

Courses may be added to your study plan the first week of each study period. Read all information about the course and check prerequisites before requesting a registration.

Contact your coordinator if you want to add courses. Check your current registrations by logging in to the student portal.

You are not allowed to be registered for courses which you don't intend to finish.

Drop courses

Contact your coordinator if you want to drop courses. No registrations can be removed after three weeks in to each study period.

Published: Mon 15 Oct 2018.