Accommodation during your exchange period

The city of Gothenburg is a popular place to study in which means that there is a very high demand for rooms and flats. For the same reason it's very difficult to find housing, especially in the central parts of the city. You must be prepared to commute up to one hour from Chalmers. Public transportation works well in Gothenburg and Chalmers’ both campuses can be reached easily by tram or by bus from most parts of the Gothenburg area.

Please click on the links below to get information about housing alternatives for exchange students at Chalmers:
Information for incoming Erasmus and Nordtek students

Information about accommodation for incoming Erasmus-, Nordtek- Idea League-, and non-fee paying students

Information about accommodation for incoming students outside of Europe (Bilateral agreements)

Information for students within Nordic 5 Tech, UNITECH, Erasmus Mundus, Double Master's Degree and Linnaeus-Palme

Page manager Published: Mon 20 May 2019.