A-Z - worth knowing for exchange students

Academic year
See how the academic year and the semesters are scheduled with study weeks, self-study weeks, examination periods, re-examination periods and holidays, and when you can sign up for examinations and re-examinations in the Student Portal. 
Academic year


Students who have been awarded a degree at a university are called alumni. As a former Chalmers student, you can join the Chalmers Alumni Association which organises festivities, lectures and other interesting events where you have the opportunity of meeting former fellow students.


As a student, you have the right to appeal the following kinds of decisions:
– decisions about credits
– refusal of a request to have a new examiner appointed

Bank account

Please read more here


Canvas is the portal to teaching and learning - course room, course homepage. More information is available here:


Chalmers International Mobility - CIM

At CIM you find the coordinators for all exchange students. Contact details

CID code and computers

To be able to use the student computers you need a computer account, which you receive at the initial enrolment on the Welcome Day. CID (Chalmers ID) is your username and password, making it possible for you to use the computer resources. You will also receive a scratch card with your password. IT-services

Course evaluation 

After each course a short survey will be sent to your student e-mail address in order to ensure good quality.
Please answer all your course evaluations!

Course registration

The registration indicates that you intend to pursue your studies during the current semester and is necessary for participation in lectures and examinations. You have to be registered for a course to be able to take the exam. 

Deferring the beginning of your studies

Contact your CIM-coordinator if you are unable to attend the initial enrolment on the Welcome Day. 

Degree certificate

Exchange students are not eligible for degree diplomas. An official electronic Academic Transcript of Records can be generate from the Student Portal. At the bottom of each transcript there is a verification code and a link to the validate system.

Official Transcript of Records (in paper) will only be sent to Chalmers partner universities outside of Europe.

Disciplinary rules

The rules of discipline exist to promote quality, the equal value of all students, good behaviour, and a good study environment. The rules stipulate the behaviour and actions which can lead to disciplinary measures, and how offences and other unsatisfactory states of affairs are dealt with. 

Dropping out of studies
If you wish to quit your studies, you should contact your CIM-coordinator who will accept your notification and provide you with information. You will also get the opportunity to discuss your study situation.

English language classes

At Chalmers you can strengthen you English proficiency by taking English language classes.
Optional courses in language and communication.

European Credit Transfer System

ECTS grades are not given at Chalmers. 1 credit at Chalmers corresponds to 1 ECTS.


After each course or part of a course you will be tested of your knowledge. Written examination is most common, but there are also oral examinations, project work, laboratory work and essay writing. Signing up for examinations in the Student Portal in due time is compulsory. Student Portal​

Fysiken Sport Centre

Fysiken is a fitness organisation owned by the students. Fysiken offers a wide range of activities, for instance aerobics, ball games, dancing, gyms and weight lifting, yoga, outdoor activities, various courses and physiotherapy. Bring your receipt from the student union in order to get your discount. For information and location, visit


The grades assigned at Chalmers are defined as Three, Four or Five. A higher figure signifies a better grade. The grade Three is the lowest pass grade. As well as the numbered scale, the scale Passed/Not passed is sometimes used. No overall grade is given for a degree and students are not ranked.

Key card

The key card that you receive when you begin your studies at Chalmers is your key to the buildings and computer rooms, library and so on. You receive your key card at the initial enrolment and it gives you access to the premises 24 hours a day. Please return the card by the end of your studies. 


Ladok is the name of the student record database where all details concerning the studies are registered. According to Swedish law, all information in Ladok is public. Log-in in the Student Portal to acsess your personal information Student Portal

Master’s thesis

Sometimes it is possible for exchange students to do thesis work at Chalmers. Contact a relevant department and describe your background and the project you wish to undertake in order to arrange this. 

Medical healthcare

Depending on what kind of student you are, the way to seek medical care can differ.

Medical healthcare

Personal identity number

In Sweden every citizen has a personal identity number, a “personnummer”. This number is used in nearly all official transactions, such as in banks, pharmacies or hospitals. At Chalmers, you will get at temporary personal number which is recognized at Chalmers only.

Public transportation

Please visit Västtrafik​ for more information on how to travel in Gothenburg and its surroundings, the ticket system and timetables.


If you don't pass the regular examination, you have the opportunity to take a re-examination. Signing up for
re-examination in the Student Portal in due time is compulsory.


As an exchange student at Chalmers you are eligible to apply for the Adlebert Hospitality Foundation.
Scholarships for enrolled students

Student Portal
The Student Portal is the students' intranet at Chalmers where you find all important information about your studies and student life. Student Portal​

Student union

At Chalmers it is compulsory for students to join the Student Union. To become a member you pay a fee directly
to the staff in the Student Union building. Upon payment you will receive a membership card which can be used for student discounts. Read more about the Student Union on their website Student Union

Support for students with special needs

Individual study support is given to all students with disabilities and special needs. The special needs could be physical, psychological, neuropsychiatric or dyslexia. The needs must be permanent, and you must show a certificate of your needs. For disabilities that require large resources and planning of support, contact the disability coordinator well in advance of the start of the study. For more information, please visit: Special needs


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