For you who want to become a note-taker

Are you interested in becoming a note-taker? Fill out the form below and we will contact you to provide information on how it all works out.

As a note-taker, you do an important and valuable job for Chalmers and for the student or students for whom you are supporting.
  • You help other students who would otherwise find it difficult to take up their studies in a good way.
  • You also help yourself as your own notes make you perform better and remember longer.
  • Through the work, you do you will learn to plan and structure your notes, which you will benefit from even after studying.
  • You also get paid for your work as a note-taker.​
The emolument are if you sign up for:
1-2 students - SEK 125 / week for 1 course
1-2 students - SEK 250 / week for 2-3 courses
3-5 students - SEK 250 / week for 1 course
3-5 students - SEK 375 / week for 2-3 courses 

6-8 students - SEK 375 / week for 1 course
6-8 students - SEK 500 / week for 2-3 courses 

9 students or more - SEK 675 / week
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