Note-taking support - Questions and answers

Chalmers offers learning support for students who have a documented permanent functional variation/disability. One of these aids is note-taking support, which means that a classmate record and shares his or her lecture notes as an extra aid to those who need it.

This page provides information both to you who want to become a note-taker but also to those who are in need of notes.

For those who need note-taking support

Who can get note support?

More information on what is required to be granted note-taking support is available through the link below:

I need note-taking support. What does the application process look like?

Once you have received an approved Nais verdict and met up with Chalmers Funka coordinator, fill out the form below:

Remember to apply for all courses given during the semester. We will then return to you with the help we can provide. 

The notes I get don't work well for me? Can I change note-taker?

If you feel that you need to change your note-taker for various reasons, please contact​ and we will try to solve it the best we can.

Do I have to register which courses I will attend before every semester?
Yes, you need to fill out the form with which courses you need note support for ahead of each semester. Apply well in advance, eg in early August before the autumn semester and in December before the spring semester.

Are note-taking support available for all courses? 
We cannot guarantee that there will be note-taking support for each course, but we do our best to offer the help we can. 

Am I allowed to share the notes I have received with others? 

No. In that case, you must first get permission from the person who wrote the notes.​

For those who want to become a note-taker

How do I become a note-taker?

You fill out a form and enter the course codes for the coming semester.

We will then contact you, provide you with more information and ask you to meet up with us to sign a contract. By showing the contract to one of our libraries, you can retrieve free notepads.

How much is the emolument?

As a note-taker, you receive a payment for your efforts. The size of the payment varies depending on how many students you are supporting and how many courses you take.

The emolument are if you sign up for:
1-2 students - SEK 125 / week for 1 course
1-2 students - SEK 250 / week for 2-3 courses
3-5 students - SEK 250 / week for 1 course
3-5 students - SEK 375 / week for 2-3 courses 

6-8 students - SEK 375 / week for 1 course
6-8 students - SEK 500 / week for 2-3 courses 

9 students or more - SEK 675 / week

How big is the work effort?

As usual, you write down the lectures you attend. Afterwards, you share your notes with the student or students for whom you are a note-taker.

What do I expect as a note-taker?

You are expected to attend each lecture and then share your notes within 48 hours. If you are prevented,​ you should notify this to the students to whom you share your notes. You also need to send an email to if it will be long.

Can the person who receives the notes share these with someone else? 

No. In that case, you must first give your consent.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact​

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Apr 2022.