Software for disabilities

​​From the software server, you can download and install software on your computer to use freely during your studies. The software is tailored for disabilities, such as dyslexia and visual impairment.

You can download the following software to your computer:

ClaroRead Plus m fl
Reads text from thenscreen with synthesized voice and creates audio files in mp3 format.
Easy reader
Player for audiobooks for dyslexia, low vision or blindness.
Saida, SpellRight, StavaRex
Spelling and writing tools designed for people with dyslexia.
Reading aids that enlarges text, reads text and supports Braille.
Reading aids with speech synthesis for people with dyslexia. TorTalk reads text from the web, e-books and various formats, such as PDF. TorTalk can also be used to listen to text you have written yourself.
Dictionaries and control of style and grammar in English text.
Log in to the software server with your CID and password.

Page manager Published: Mon 20 Jan 2020.