Study support

Chalmers offers several support measures suited to all students, while some are only offered to those with a documented permanent disability after a decision by NAIS. If you have a disability, you apply for educational support using the NAIS system. You must attach a doctor’s note or other assessment to confirm the existence of a permanent disability.

Note-taking support

To receive note-taking support, you must have a NAIS notification. You can receive help from a fellow student who shares their notes with you. The fellow student will receive a fee from the university. Fill in the form linked below to let us know which courses you need note-taking support for. You must do this prior to the start of each term, and apply for all courses during the semester. We will get back to you as soon as we find a note-taker for you.
 If you want a different note-taker or have other questions, send an email to

Mentor support

To receive mentor support, you must have a NAIS notification. A mentor helps you to structure and plan your studies. Usually you meet for 1–2 hours once a week. 

Adapted written exam

To receive an adapted written exam, you must have a NAIS notification. The notification indicates what adaptations are needed. You can have an extended examination time, a smaller room for the exam or an alternative type of exam.

The Nais decision does not include Dugga. In the event of a problem, the student must contact their examiner to ask about the possibility of adaptation. Duggor is organized by each examiner and it is the examiner who decides on and satisfies the adaptation. The examiner should, on request, see the student's Nais certificate before a decision is made and the student needs to contact the examiner well in advance of the date for the exam.​

The library’s reading studio

You can book a reading studio in the library on the Johanneberg campus and at Kuggen in Lindholmen. The libraries’ reading studios are computer workspaces in a bright, peaceful environment equipped with various reading aids. You can book the studio for up to four hours a day. Students book the reading studio by emailing the library:, or by booking a time slot at the library’s information desk. To receive access to the reading studio, you must have a NAIS notification.

Reserve a librarian

Students can also get help searching for information, managing references and publishing at the library. Students who need extra help can reserve an hour with one of the librarians. Examples of available assistance include learning to write reference lists, publishing a thesis or getting started with literature searches for an essay.

Chalmers Writing Centre

Students who need help with the writing process can book sessions at the Chalmers Writing Centre. The centre offers 45-minute guidance sessions that you can book individually or in a group. During the sessions, you can get help with things like structuring a report, improving your grammar and other language-related challenges. You can also get help with argumentation and references in body text, preparing presentations, developing an understanding of various assignments and readability checks of your report. Book your sessions here: 

Physical adaptations and assistive devices

These are individual support measures that can be approved by Funka where needed. To receive access to individual support measures, you must have a NAIS notification.

Audio recording

One easy way to make instruction more accessible is to allow students to record lectures for their own use. At Chalmers, the lecturer decides if audio recording, photography, filming and so on is allowed in their lectures, seminars and other teaching situations. Always ask the lecturer well in advance of the lecture what is permitted.

Maths support

Maths support is for students at Chalmers or who are attending a course in the Faculty of Science at Gothenburg University- Maths support is provided at the main library, Johanneberg and in Kuggen in Lindholmen. You do not need to sign up in advance and the support is provided throughout most of the academic year. 

Audiobooks and other reading aids

At Chalmers’s library, you can gain access to course literature in the form of audiobooks, Braille books and e-books. You need a Legimus account to download audiobooks and log in. Undergraduates and doctoral students can apply for one at the library. In addition, Chalmers holds licenses for several kinds of software that can be installed on students’ personal computers.  

Study with allergies

If you study at Chalmers and have an allergy that affects your ability to stay in premises with airborne allergens, you can receive support. The support is tailored to your needs, you can for example be offered to take your exam in a smaller room. To receive support you need to present a certificate from a health center.
Chalmers’ premises have no allergy-free zones. If you need to inform fellow students and teachers about what they need to consider, we can assist you.​

Quiet reading rooms and resting rooms

At Chalmers there are a number of quiet reading rooms for you who need to be able to sit quietly while studying.​ You also have access to four resting rooms. In the link below you will find information where to find the rooms.

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Aug 2022.