Main fields of study

Main fields of study for a general degree



Main field of study

Arkitektur Architecture
Arkitektur och teknik Architecture and Engineering 
Automation och mekatronik  Automation and Mechatronics Engineering 
Bioteknik  Bioengineering 
Datateknik  Computer Science and Engineering 
Elektroteknik  Electrical Engineering 
Energi- och miljöteknologi Energy and Environmental Systems and Technology
​Globala system ​Global Systems
Industriell ekonomi Industrial Engineering and Management
Informationsteknik Software Engineering
Kemiteknik Chemical Engineering
Kemiteknik med fysik Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics
Maskinteknik Mechanical Engineering
Matematik Mathematics
​Medicinteknik ​Biomedical Engineering
Samhällsbyggnadsteknik Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sjöfartsteknik Shipping and Marine Technology
Teknisk design Industrial Design Engineering
Teknisk fysik Engineering Physics
Teknik och lärande     Technology and Learning

Main fields of study for a degree at a Master's programme


Master's programme

Main field of study

Applied Mechanics Mechanical Engineering
Applied Physics Engineering Physics
Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability Architecture
Architecture and Urban Design Architecture
Automotive Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Bio Engineering or Electrical Engineering
Biotechnology Bio Engineering
Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering
Complex Adaptive Systems Engineering Physics
Computer Science - Algorithms, Languages, and Logic Computer Science and Engineering
Computer Systems and Networks Computer Science and Engineering
Data Science and AI Software Engineering
Design and Construction Project Management Civil and Environmental Engineering (or Architecture admitted until H18)
Electric Power Engineering Electrical Engineering
Embedded Electronic System Design Electrical Engineering
Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science Mathematics
Entrepreneurship and Business Design Industrial Engineering and Management
High-Performance Computer Systems Computer Science and Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering Industrial Design Engineering
Industrial Ecology Energy and Environmental Systems and Technology
Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering
Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
Interaction Design and Technologies Software Engineering
International Project Management Civil and Environmental Engineering or Industrial Engineering and Management
Management and Economics of Innovation Industrial Engineering and Management
Maritime Management Shipping and Marine Technology
Materials Chemistry Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Nanotechnology Engineering Physics
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Mechanical Engineering or Shipping and Marine Technology
Nuclear Science and Technology Engineering Physics
Physics Engineering Physics
Physics and Astronomy Engineering Physics
Product Development Mechanical Engineering
Production Engineering Automation and Mechtronics Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
Quality and Operations Management Industrial Engineering and Management
Software Engineering and Technology Software Engineering
Sound and Vibration Civil and Environmental Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Engineering Physics or Mechanical Engineering
Structural Engineering and Building Technology Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supply Chain Management Industrial Engineering and Management
Sustainable Energy Systems Energy and Environmental Systems and Technology
Systems, Control and Mechatronics Automation and Mechatronics Engineering or Electrical Engineering
Wireless, Photonics and Space Engineering Electrical Engineering

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