Frequently asked questions about degrees

Here, you'll find the answer to the most common questions about degrees. If you don't find an answer here, you are welcome to contact the Office of degree.

Structure and context of the Degree Certificate:
Degree certificates that's already issued:
Transitional rules:
Grade calculations


What is a degree/degree certificate?
A degree is proof that, through your studies, you have acquired knowledge up to a certain level. When you are finished with your studies and wish to receive your degree, you must apply for it yourself. The degree certificate indicates which degree has been issued, what courses were included, the final day of performance, and when your degree was issued. The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English. It is a valuable document that is only printed out in one copy.

Why should I apply for a degree certificate?
The degree certificate shows and confirms which degree you graduated with at Chalmers University of Technology. For many employers, a degree certificate is a requirement when applying for a job. It can also be a salary criterion, so it may be worthwhile to take out your degree.

Where can I get my degree?
The degree certificate is issued at the higher education institution where you took your last course, if the universities/university colleges involved have not otherwise agreed in your individual case.

What is a Diploma Supplement (DS)?
All degree certificates issued by universities and university colleges shall be accompanied by an attachment – a "Diploma Supplement" (DS) – that describes things such as the content and scope of the program that led up to the degree. The DS describes the program and what the Swedish university system looks like. It is an English-language attachment. The DS shall facilitate recognition and credit transfer of a Swedish degree in connection with employment and continued studies abroad, and in Sweden as well. It constitutes part of your degree certificate and must always be shown together with the certificate.

The DS for degrees within undergraduate programs was introduced at Swedish universities and university colleges on January 1, 2003. The DS for graduate-level degrees was introduced on July 1, 2007. DS are not issued retroactively at Chalmers.

The Diploma Supplement is not:
  • a replacement for the actual degree certificate, but an attachment to it
  • a guarantee that a program will be recognized
  • a curriculum vitae (CV)
How does Chalmers educational structure work?
The Bologna model is built on three years studies at bachelor level (180 credits) and two years advanced studies, master level (120 credits). At Chalmers the bachelor level and the master level in the right combination can also fulfil a professional degree (300 credits). Local demands should also be meet.
Chalmers Local System of Qualifications

Does the degree certificate cost anything?
No, the degree certificate does not cost anything.

If I take out a degree, have I then used up my credit hours for a future degree?
The credit hours included in your degree are not always used up, but can be used again in a new degree. The conditions for getting a new degree is that new degree requirements must be met. See more under "Can I take out a double degree?"

But the courses you used for a bachelor's degree cannot also be used for a master's. At Chalmers, the bachelor's and master's portions, in the right combination, can also result in a professional qualification (300 credits).

In all other regards, local requirements must also be met.
Chalmers Local System of Qualifications

I'm in a hurry, can I get priority?
No, we take your applications in order of date, since you all need to use your degrees for work or continued study. If you log in to Studentportalen you can take out an official transcript from your courses under the "Mina resultat och intyg" tab via the "Skapa resultatintyg" service, or alternately at the Student Center while waiting for your degree certificate to be prepared.

I need an official transcript of records/certificate of registration. What do I do?
The official transcript of records (resultatintyg) shows your completed courses and any degrees at Chalmers, and can be used, for example, to confirm credits awarded for an employer. A certificate of registration (registreringsintyg) shows which courses you are or have been registered for, as well as the term times, and can be used when you need to show that you were a student at Chalmers, for example for unemployment benefits. In the Student Portal, under the "My results and transcripts" tab, you can create an official transcript and a certificate of registration with an electronic seal. You can also contact the Student Centre for an official transcript or certificate of registration. An official transcript, as well as a certificate of registration, can also be issued in English.

Where do I turn for questions regarding the Graduation ceremony?
The invitation to the graduation ceremony will be sent with your issued degree certificate(s).
For all questions concerning the graduation ceremony and dinner, please contact Event:
Graduation ceremony


How to apply for your degree certificate?
After completing your studies you can apply for a Master of Science degree. You apply for a degree through our web by logging in to the Student Portal and using the service "Apply for your degree" under "My results and transcripts" om "My startpage".

How to apply for your degree certificate without a CID?
If If you no longer have an active Chalmers-ID and can't log in to the Student Portal BUT have a Swedish personal identity number, you can use eduID to log in. Go to eduID to create an eduID.

Without an active Chalmers-ID or a Swedish personal identity number to create an eduID, you won’t succeed in applying online. Then contact us through

You also need to contact the Student Union information desk at for them to check that no unpaid fees remains. Before the Office of Degrees can establish an application, the Student Union must confirm that the fees are paid.

State your name, identification number, contacts and the address your certificate should be sent to. Also confirm what degree(s) you want to apply for. In summer when the office of Degree and the Student Union are closed an answer can be delayed.

Why do I get a message to contact the Student Union information desk?
At Chalmers the Student Union membership is compulsory. On application there will be a check of unpaid fees before you can apply. If any question arises you need to contact the Student Union information desk before you can complete an application. Send an e-mail to

Should I attach any documents to my degree application?
Normally you won't need to attach any documents to your degree application. If we need certified copies – for example, of previous degrees or course certificates – from you, we will contact you. If you are not registered in Sweden or do not have a Swedish personal identity number, we may ask for a copy of your passport. In certain cases, this may affect your turnaround time, as we will need completed documentation before we can continue handling your application.

Do I need to present my Bachelor Degree to obtain my Master?
The reason why your Bachelor Degree is not registered in "My View" is because Chalmers University of Technology does not register external Bachelor Degrees in the Student Portal. It is however compulsory to show your Bachelor Degree to the Office of Degrees when you apply for your Master's Degree, but only if you haven't already shown this to Chalmers Admissions.

If the Office of Degrees asks you to submit your Bachelor Degree you can either scan your original documents and send a PDF via e-mail to:

Or you can send verified copies via regular mail, to the address below:
Office of Degree
Chalmers University of Technology
S-412 96 Gothenburg

Or you can present the documentation in person when applying for your Master’s Degree. However, please note that this choice might prolong the process of receiving your diploma.

What do I do if I want to replace a course and how do I transfer credits for parts of study that I have completed at another University?
This is possible if the study is relevant. The assessment of previous study is made by the program. This should be documented in the Ladok. The same applies for exemptions, a decision should be registered in Ladok, for the Office of degrees to see, by the program. If a course result is missing or there are any other errors you should contact the department responsible to sort this out, before you apply for the degree. The examination of your application starts when the information required is complete. An incomplete application will delay the process.

What happens if I accidentally enter incorrect information into my application?
If you are aware that you have submitted incorrect information, notify the Office of Degrees by sending an email to and your case administrator will receive the information and can correct it. If you are already in contact with your case administrator, you can email them directly. Your case administrator will contact you if any uncertainties arise and if there are any questions.

How long is the degree application process?
Chalmers' aim is to issue degrees within the recommended two months but this requires a complete application. Please note that the time to process an application can be shorter or longer depending on the workload. If you apply for a degree at the end of a term it usually takes longer to obtain the degree.

What happens after I have sent in my application?
When the Office of degrees has received your application we begin the process of reviewing your results. We don't send a confirmation that your application has been received.

The processing of your application begins when the information required is complete and takes approximately two months during the term. Please note that the process can be both shorter and longer due to the work load and an incomplete application will delay the procedure. If you apply for a degree at the end of a term the time to get your degree will usually be longer.

We follow date order from the date your application came to us since you all need it for work or further studies. We will contact you or your department by e-mail or phone if anything is unclear or if we need you to add additional documents or information.

For your degree process to be as quick as possible, it's important that your application is complete. If you have read other courses then the one's in your program plan, you need to make sure these changes (exemptions) are documented in Ladok for the Office of degrees to see. These decisions are made by your Director of studies, so contact them to make sure that this is done. The same goes for credit transfers of courses. You can apply for credit transfers in the Student Portal service "Apply for credit transfer".

If you're logged in to the Student portal you can use the service "Create transcript of records" or you can ask for an official transcript of records from the Student Center while you wait to get your degree.

Can I find information about the handling process of my application?
When you have submitted your degree application via the Student Portal, you can only wait until the case is concluded and your degree has been issued. If anything is missing in your application, or if something is unclear, you will be contacted by your case administrator. Thus you will not need to contact us after you have submitted your application.

Structure and context of the Degree Certificate

What personal identity number will show in my degree certificate?
The registered personal identity number in the study administrative system Ladok will show on your degree certificate. Probably you first got registered with a temporary personal identity number, T-number (YYMMDD-TNNN). If you have obtained a 12-digit personal identity number (YYMMDD-NNNN) update it in Ladok before applying for a degree. This can affect the way your name is written on your degree certificate.
Update name and/or personal identity number

How is my name written on the degree certificate?
If you have a Swedish personal identity number
If you have a Swedish personal identity number, t he Ladok system (which is used for decisions on degrees and issuing certificates) will be updated with personal data from the population register. Thus, we do not have a say in how the name is printed on the degree certificate. The name is printed on the certificate as it is recorded in the population register. To change your name, contact the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

If there are several first names, and one is entered as a given name (often shown as underlined), only the given name is printed as the first name. If no given name is entered, all first names will be printed. Your given name is usually the first name that you are called by.

A middle name is a second name that appears between your first and last names. These days, middle names are not registered, but it is possible to choose double-barrelled surnames. Both your middle name and surname count as your official names. This means that both names will be printed on the certificate. This applies regardless of whether you have a middle name and a surname or a double-barrelled surname.

If you have a temporary Swedish personal identity number
With a temporary Swedish personal identity number (T-number), Ladok will not be updated with your personal data from the population register. If you have received a full Swedish personal identity number you should get help to update it in Ladok, through the link below, and then your name will be stated as recorded in the population register. If you have a T-number while applying for a degree and your name is misspelled, you can get help correcting it according to your passport or ID.
Update name and/or personal identity number

Where does the main field of study show?
The main field of study is shown in the degree diploma for Bachelor- and Master of Science degrees.

Where does the Master programme's name show?
The Master programme's name is shown in the Master of Science degree. In order to obtain a degree of Master of Science (120 credits) for international master students the student must hold an undergraduate degree such as a Bachelor of Science or a vocational degree comprising at least 180 credits or an equivalent foreign qualification. A statement of satisfied degree requirements is not sufficient.

What languages are the degrees issued in?
The degree diploma is issued in both Swedish and English.

Which courses can I count as part of my degree?
Completed, non-overlapping courses that are not used in a degree that establishes previous knowledge at the university level can be included in your degree. In all other regards, local requirements must also be met. Contact your Director of studies for more information.
Chalmers Local System of Qualifications

What does 'overlapping' mean?
When two or more courses have the same content, or partly the same content, they overlap with each other. The overlapping, or partly overlapping, courses may not be counted. Only the one course can be counted as part of the degree. Contact your Director of studies for more information.

Can I apply for a double degree?
Yes, if you meet the requirements for the new main field of study you can take out several general degrees at the same level. Read more about this in Chalmers' local system of qualifications.
Chalmers Local System of Qualifications

How do additional courses that are not necessary for your degree show?
Only the number of credits needed for a degree is taken into consideration during the final examination. If you have more than the number required please name the elective course/courses you want to exclude. It/they will not be stated in your degree. The Office of Degrees reserves the right to change your choice if it does not meet the requirements. You can print a transcript of records where all courses show from your startpage on the Student Portal under My results and transcripts.

Degree certificates that's already issued:

Can I add courses to my degree after it has been issued?
No; once the degree certificate has been issued, nothing can be changed. You should not apply for your degree until all courses to be included in the degree certificate are finished and have a final report submitted in LADOK. The degree certificate is a valuable document and is only issued in one original copy.

How do I order a certified copy of my degree certificate?
Most often, an official transcript of records is enough to confirm your degree from Chalmers. If you need a copy of your degree certificate, Chalmers can help you with that. If you have an older degree, you will be referred to the Chalmers Central Archive by using the link below. A certified copy will then be sent to you.
Web form copy of degree

If your degree was issued during the current or last year, contact the Office of Degree instead, email: Indicate which degree is concerned, your name and personal identity number, and which address you wish the copy to be sent to.

Note: Keep in mind that certain higher education institutions want the copy sent directly from Chalmers to the institution, sometimes in a stamped, unopened envelope. Please make a point of verifying how the people who asked you to confirm your certificate with a copy want it sent.

What happens if I lose my degree certificate, can I get a new original issued?
No, since the degree certificate is a valuable document only issued in one copy, you cannot get a new original, but you can apply to get a copy of your degree certificate. See the previous question.

Can I get a new degree certificate if I change my name or personal identity number?
No, a new degree certificate is normally not issued for a previously issued degree. If you have changed your personal identity number owing to having obtained assumed personal data or changed your gender affiliation, however, you have the right to a new certificate. An affidavit of the change from the Swedish Tax Authority (Skatteverket) is required for this. For more information, contact the Graduation Office.

I would like my degree to be translated; how do I do this?
The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English. We provide no additional translations.

Studies before July 1, 2007:

I began studying before the Bologna model entered into force on July 1, 2007. Can I take out a degree according to the old degree rules?
No, this possibility has ceased. Those who began their studies before July 1, 2007 has to apply for degrees according to now applicable rules.

What is the difference between högskolepoäng (hp) and poäng (p)?
Students admitted after July 1, 2007 have their credits calculated in högskolepoäng (abbreviated hp). One week of study corresponds to 1.5 hp, so a term of study thus corresponds to 30 hp.
Those admitted to studies before July 1, 2007 has credits calculated in poäng (abbreviated p). One week of study corresponds to 1 p, so a term of study thus corresponds to 20 p. 1 poäng (p) = 1.5 högskolepoäng (hp)
To calculate from poäng to högskolepoäng: p × 1.5 = hp
To calculate from högskolepoäng to poäng: hp/1.5 = p

Will my courses be reported in poäng (p) or högskolepoäng (hp) on the degree certificate?
The degree certificate will report credits in högskolepoäng. Poäng will be converted to högskolepoäng.

Grade calculations

How to translate to ECTS credits?
You have to translate to ECTS grades yourself, unfortunately we don't offer this service. We do not transfer grades into other grading scales; instead you can use the ECTS Grading Table. You will find more information and the grading table if you follow this link: Chalmers Grading system
Please note that an ECTS Grading Table is only given if a course has been given over at least two years.

How to calculate GPA?
You have to calculate your weighted average grade yourself, unfortunately we don't offer this service as Chalmers don't use GPA grades.

To calculate GPA: Sum of credits x grades / sum of credits = weighted average grade.
The information regarding translation of number grades into letter grades are found if you follow the link, GPA Calculator:


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