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After completing your Master's studies you can apply for your Degree certificate. Please use the online degree application service in the Student Portal. You can log in with either an active CID or eduID. To create an eduID a Swedish personal identity is requiered.

Apply for your degree​​

If you don’t succeed in applying online contact us through Please describe your difficulties.

The award of your Bachelor's degree

In order to obtain the award of a degree of Master of Science (120 credits) you must hold a degree such as a Bachelor of Science or a vocational degree comprising at least 180 credits or an equivalent foreign qualification. A statement of satisfied degree requirements is not sufficient. 

If you were admitted to the MSc programme in your final BSc semester and still have not provided proof of your completed Bachelor, you must include to your MSc degree application, documentation of your degree, verified by authorized university staff or a Notary public.

Erasmus and bilateral exchange students

When you have completed your studies a transcript will be issued both to you and your home university.
The transcript with the results from the autumn semester will be sent on February 15.
The transcript with the results from the spring semester will be sent on July 15.
If you have studied a whole year at Chalmers the transcript sent in July will contain all your courses.
If you have any questions about your results, please contact your coordinator or the department.

If you were admitted to the MSc programme in your final BSc semester, or the equivalent, you must include to your MSc degree application documentation of a completed Bachelor, verified  by authorized university staff or a Notary public.

Check your results

Logg in to the Student Portal/My results and transcripts or visit the Student Centre for a file print of your results. All courses, including the master's thesis, required for your degree must be reported with a final mark. If a course result is missing or there are any other errors you should contact the department responsible to check the grade report.

Credit transfers application will be handled only if time allows. Please contact the programme's to the extent of time.

Handling time 

The handling time is preferably 8 weeks, sometimes less. Applications are handled in the order of arrival. The examination of your academic merits begins when the information required is complete; an incomplete application will delay the process and may result in refusal.

Issuance and delivery

The degree certificate is issued in both Swedish and English and will be sent to the address given in your application. Letters outside the Nordic Region are sent by registered mail.

Compulsory Student Union membership

At Chalmers University of Technology the Student Union membership is compulsory. This applies to all courses and all semesters, even if the thesis is performed at a company and/or with exchange studies abroad. On application there will be a check of unpaid fees. If any question arises contact the Student Union at their information desk,

More information about the Student Union membership is found in the Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes.

Graduation ceremony

A graduation ceremony is held twice a year for students who have graduated during the period in question. For questions about all ceremony details, please check the information page (link top right) or contact the Events office at

Become a member of Chalmers Alumni Association/Chalmersska Ingenjörsföreningen

As a member of the network your name will be presented in the comprehensive Roll of Members. Membership also entitles you to receive the magazine Avançons four times a year. Membership is optional.

Read more here.

The Chalmers ring

Students who have satisfied the degree requirements for a Master's degree may wear the Chalmers ring and become a member of the Chalmers Engineers Association (see above).

Contact information

If you have any questions or need more information please contact the Office of Degrees (Examen) at

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