Current information about Covid-19

On this page you will find updated information related to Covid-19 that can be useful for you as a student at Chalmers.

Updated 11 April 2022

Since 1 April, Covid 19 is no longer classified by the authorities as a disease harmful to society or general public health. This means that education is being carried out in full on campus. Educational elements which are carried out digitally are done so for educational reasons.  ​

As a student, you no longer need to report to the University if you are infected with Covid 19. Instead, stay home if you experience any symptoms, until you feel healthy and then return to campus and education.


The Swedish authorities currently recommend three doses of the vaccine to all over 18s. Vaccinations are free. 

Study trips abroad

Pandemic restrictions are still in place in certain countries, you as an individual should  always be aware of the restrictions in place in your destination.  

Applications to Master’s Programmes Spring semester VT-22

The last date for completion of applications to Master’s Programmes has been delayed to 4 May for Chalmers Bachelor’s students. This means that results from the reexamination period over Easter will be eligible for inclusion in Master’s applications. 

Do you need support?

Due to a long time with the Covid-19 pandemic and studies from a distance, you might be needing support.​

​​Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Apr 2022.