Frequently asked questions - Covid-19 for international students

During the autumn semester, Chalmers will continue to conduct education in a mixed format, with some parts carried out on campus, and some parts digitally. Our ambition is to increase the amount of campus-based education and contact between teachers and students as much as possible in the autumn semester while following the official recommendations​ and risk assessments. ​

How will education be conducted this autumn?

The teaching in the autumn will be carried out with a mixture of campus-based and remote education with some parts on campus and some parts online, in order to adapt to the current situation where social distancing has to be considered.

Is it safe to come to Sweden? 

Chalmers adheres to guidelines from the Swedish government and the Public Health Authorities. People are still recommended to practice social distancing and work from home when possible.  

Does Chalmers expect me to be in Gothenburg when the semester begins?

Yes, you need to come to Gothenburg, Sweden from the first day of the semester. Chalmers will continue to conduct education in a mixed format, with some parts carried out on campus, and some parts digitally. Our ambition is to increase the amount of campus-based education in the autumn semester.
If you are only writing a thesis during the autumn semester (not taking or being examined in any courses), please discuss with your examiner if you need to be present in Sweden or not.​

When should I apply for my residence permit? 
The processing time for a residence permit at the Swedish Migration Agency may be delayed due to the pandemic, so make sure to apply for a residence permit as soon as possible. 
Read more about applying for a residence permit here. ​

Kindly note, once we switch back to full campus-based studies it is important that you have your residence permit in place as you cannot apply for a residence permit while already in Sweden. In the unlikely event that you would not be granted a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Agency, you would not be able to continue your studies. 

General information regarding the residence permit is available on the Swedish Migration Agency's website. Corona related information from the Swedish Migration Agency can also be found on their website.

Will written examinations be conducted at the campus or digitally during the autumn semester?
The re-sit examinations in August will be conducted in a digital form at a distance from home.
The following applies for exams until 29 August 2021.​
From study period 1, the starting point is that all exams will be conducted on campus. During study period 1, however, it will still be possible for the examiner to change the form of examination.

When will Chalmers resume with campus-only teaching?

Chalmers is continuously following the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. If the situation should change, our guidelines on how education should be held could change.

Information about Covid-19 from Swedish authorities

Keep yourself updated about the current Covid-19 situation in Sweden with information from:

Medical healthcare and Insurance

Will I be able to get healthcare in Sweden? 

Yes. If you are a student and you become registered in Sweden, you are entitled to medical care subject to the same terms and conditions as other people who are resident in the country. To become registered in the Swedish population register, you must study for more than one year. A standard patient fee to visit the doctor in Gothenburg costs between 100-300 SEK. 


Page manager Published: Mon 16 Aug 2021.