Information on vaccination against Covid-19

Do you need to take a test or getting yourself vaccinated against Covid-19?
If you live in Sweden and are aged 18 or above, you will be offered free vaccination against Covid-19 according to the Swedish vaccination plan. You do not need to be a Swedish citizen or have a Swedish personal identity number to get the vaccine. 

Chalmers recommends that you get vaccinated as soon as possible to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.
If you have the possibility of getting vaccinated in your home country before travelling to Sweden, Chalmers recommend you to do so.

Can I get my second dose in Sweden if I have already gotten the first one in another country?
If you have taken the first dose in another region or country, you can book an appointment for dose two from 1 September in Västra Götaland. ​It applies to all students.

Health declaration
Before getting your vaccination you need to fill in a Health declaration and bring it with you to the vaccination centre. You can easily download one at the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.​
Download a Health declaration for vaccination against Covid-19 here ​
Read more about vaccination against Covid-19 on the Public Health Agency´s website

KRY health care, located at Chalmers' campuses

  • You can easily book an appointment in their app. 
  • If you do not have a BankID or do not have the technical ability to book in the app, you can call 010-150 78 00 and book an appointment. This also applies to you with protected identity or if you do not have a Swedish personal identity number.
  • KRY also offers drop-in, Mon-Fri between 12-19.
Read more on how to book an appointment​

​Other health care centers who offers vaccination


You can contact all Närhälsans Health centres in the Gothenburg area by phone and book an appointment.​
When contacting a Health care centre by phone, please state the following information:
- First and last name
- Date of birth
- Phone number
- Mail address

A selection of Närhälsans Health care centres in the Gothenburg area

The east area of Gothenburg:

Närhälsan Gamlestadstorget vårdcentral
Address: Gamlestadsvägen 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 345 07 00

Närhälsan Björkekärr vårdcentral
Address: Stabbegatan 2B, Gothenburg,
Phone number: 031 - 345 06 51

Närhälsan Olskroken vårdcentral
Address: Redbergsvägen 6, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031-345 04 00

Gothenburg city centre:

Närhälsans Health care centres are located in many different places at the city centre:
(Kjellmansgatan, Gibraltargatan, Viktor Rydbergsgatan, Richtersgatan, Medicinaregatan, Motgången, Framgången, Omgången, Uppstigen, Dr. Lindhs gata, Mejerigatan, Plejadgatan)

Närhälsan Gibraltargatan vårdcentral
Address: Gibraltargatan 1C, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 87 00

Närhälsan Kungshöjd vårdcentral
Address: Kaserntorget 11 A, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 90 00

The west area of Gothenburg:

Närhälsan Majorna vårdcentral
Address: Skärgårdsgatan 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 82 00

Närhälsan Frölunda vårdcentral
Address: Frölunda Torg 11, 421 42 Västra Frölunda
Phone number: 031 - 346 07 00

Närhälsan Högsbo vårdcentral
Address: Markmyntsgatan 14A, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 80 00

Närhälsan Opaltorget vårdcentral
Address: Zirkongatan 5, Västra Frölunda
Phone number: 031-346 08 00


Närhälsan Eriksberg vårdcentral
Address: Sjöporten 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 97 00

Private clinics

Kronans Apotek MediCheck
Address: Vallgatan 42, Gothenburg
Phone number for you without a Swedish personal identity number: 08-128 446 21 
The phone line is open Monday to Friday 09 - 17

Din klinik
Phone Number: 031- 44 40 00

Kvartersklinikerna Avenyn and Lorensberg
Please contact them by phone.

Kvarterskliniken Avenyn
Kungsportsavenyen 33, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 33 99 970

Kvarterskliniken Lorensberg
Address: Kungsportsavenyen 33, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 33 99 303

Svea vaccin
You can book an appointment here if you are living in Sweden and can certify that.
Address:​ Vasagatan 23, Gothenburg
Phone number: 073-533 64 37

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