Information on vaccination against Covid-19

Do you need to take a test or getting yourself vaccinated against Covid-19?
If you live in Sweden and are aged 18 or above, you will be offered free vaccination against Covid-19 according to the Swedish vaccination plan. You do not need to be a Swedish citizen or have a Swedish personal identity number to get the vaccine. 

Chalmers recommends that you get vaccinated as soon as possible to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.
If you have the possibility of getting vaccinated in your home country before travelling to Sweden, Chalmers recommend you to do so.

Can I get my third dose in Sweden if I have already gotten the first ones in another country?
If you have taken the first doses in another region or country, you can book an appointment for dose three from 10 January in Västra Götaland. ​It applies to all students.

Health declaration
Before getting your vaccination you need to fill in a Health declaration and bring it with you to the vaccination centre. You can easily download one at the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.​
Download a Health declaration here​
Read more about vaccination against Covid-19 on the Public Health Agency´s website

Health care centres that offer vaccination


You can contact all Närhälsans Health centres in the Gothenburg area by phone and book an appointment.​
When contacting a Health care centre by phone, please state the following information:
- First and last name
- Date of birth
- Phone number
- Mail address

A selection of Närhälsans Health care centres in the Gothenburg area

The east area of Gothenburg:

Närhälsan Gamlestadstorget vårdcentral
Address: Gamlestadsvägen 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 345 07 00

Närhälsan Björkekärr vårdcentral
Address: Stabbegatan 2B, Gothenburg,
Phone number: 031 - 345 06 51

Närhälsan Olskroken vårdcentral
Address: Redbergsvägen 6, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031-345 04 00

Gothenburg city centre:

Närhälsans Health care centres are located in many different places at the city centre:
(Kjellmansgatan, Gibraltargatan, Viktor Rydbergsgatan, Richtersgatan, Medicinaregatan, Motgången, Framgången, Omgången, Uppstigen, Dr. Lindhs gata, Mejerigatan, Plejadgatan)

Närhälsan Gibraltargatan vårdcentral
Address: Gibraltargatan 1C, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 87 00

Närhälsan Kungshöjd vårdcentral
Address: Kaserntorget 11 A, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 90 00

The west area of Gothenburg:

Närhälsan Majorna vårdcentral
Address: Skärgårdsgatan 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 82 00

Närhälsan Frölunda vårdcentral
Address: Frölunda Torg 11, 421 42 Västra Frölunda
Phone number: 031 - 346 07 00

Närhälsan Högsbo vårdcentral
Address: Markmyntsgatan 14A, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 80 00

Närhälsan Opaltorget vårdcentral
Address: Zirkongatan 5, Västra Frölunda
Phone number: 031-346 08 00


Närhälsan Eriksberg vårdcentral
Address: Sjöporten 4, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 747 97 00

Private clinics

Kronans Apotek MediCheck
Address: Vallgatan 42, Gothenburg
Phone number for you without a Swedish personal identity number: 08-128 446 21 
The phone line is open Monday to Friday 09 - 17

Din klinik
Phone Number: 031- 44 40 00

Kvartersklinikerna Avenyn and Lorensberg
Please contact them by phone.

Kvarterskliniken Avenyn
Kungsportsavenyen 33, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 33 99 970

Kvarterskliniken Lorensberg

Address: Kungsportsavenyen 33, Gothenburg
Phone number: 031 - 33 99 303

KRY health care

  • You can easily book an appointment in their app.
  • If you do not have a BankID or do not have the technical ability to book in the app, you can call 010-150 78 00 and book an appointment. This also applies to you with protected identity or if you do not have a Swedish personal identity number.
  • KRY also offers drop-in,.

Svea vaccin
You can book an appointment here if you are living in Sweden and can certify that.
Address:​ Vasagatan 23, Gothenburg
Phone number: 073-533 64 37

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