​In TimeEdit you’ll find the schedule for your programme and your courses. Link to TimeEdit can be found in the footer on all pages in the Student Portal. There you can search for schedules, for example for courses you are planning to read.


Personal, course schedule

You can also make your personal (individual) schedule, by entering your course codes and press search, when you have entered all your courses, press show schedule.

Schedule for your programme

You can also see the schedule for your programme, by entering the name of the programme or the programme code, for example MPCSN. Press search, when you have a search result, press show schedule.

When can I see the schedule for next semester?

The schedule for courses in the autumn semester, study period 1 and 2, is published in TimeEdit in mid-June each year. The schedule for courses in the spring semester, study period 3 and 4, is published in TimeEdit in mid-December each year. 

When can I see the exam dates for the next semester?

The exam dates for the ordinary exam, re-examination 1 and re-examination 2 will be published in June for courses in study period 1 and 2 (autumn semester).
For courses in study period 3 and 4 (spring semester), the exam dates will be published in December.

Page manager Published: Fri 18 Dec 2020.