Reservation of group room

Use TimeEdit to book a group room. Link to the book a group room service can be found in the footer on all pages in the Student Portal. Your booking of a group room, you make directly in the TimeEdit calendar on the desired day and time.

The following rules apply for the use of and reservation of group rooms

  • You can make maximum 4 bookings, up to maximum 4 hours per time, over a period of 14 days.
  • A booked group room that has not been taken in use within 30 minutes may be taken over by others, who may use the group room during the booked period.
  • In every building there are group rooms that that are not bookable, for these rooms applies "first come first served" principle.
  • You can only cancel a group study room, before booking has started.

Page manager Published: Fri 09 Jul 2021.