Apply for and follow credit transfer

Here you can apply for transfer of credits and see your ongoing and approved applications.

Attach the following documents to your application

  • Transcript of records
  • A course plan or similar information showing the level of the course, number of credits, contents of the course and its learning outcomes.

When applying for credit transfer from other countries than Sweden

  • Attach documents describing how many local credits correspond to full time studies in Sweden (60 credits). The documentation should include start and end dates for the academic year, the number of semesters per year, and how many weeks each semester contains.
  • Documents should be translated to Swedish or English by an authorized translator (not necessary for documents in Norwegian, Danish or English). Chalmers will pay for translation of course plans when the credit transferal is part of a formal exchange (for example Erasmus+).
  • Attach statements from UHR or other authorities if available.
An incomplete application will not be processed. If your application is incomplete it will be returned to you with instructions on what is needed to complete the application.

Enter the course names correctly to make sure your diploma is correct

Follow these rules to ensure that your diploma is correct. The text entered in your application will be written out on your diploma.
  • Enter course names in the original language and English (even if it is the same). Do not translate course names yourself. If an English translate is not present in the transcript of records, write the original course name instead. Use Latin lettering, not letters from other alphabets.
  • Use lowercase for all letters in all words except for the first letter in the course name. In English (but not in Swedish), use a capital letter also after a colon and capitalize the initial letter in names and languages (for example English).
  • Only use special characters if it is necessary. Change & to “and” (or similar, depending on language).
  • Do not end the course name with a period(.).
  • Enter the course code in the field for course code, not in the course name.

Courses from several universities?

When applying for credit transfer with courses from more than one university you should create one application for each university, unless the approval of a specific course requires courses from both universities.

Page manager Published: Fri 04 Oct 2019.