The road to my degree

"The road to my degree" is a service where you can compare your studies at Chalmers with the degree requirements for your programme. You can see current information regarding fulfilled requirements and approved courses by clicking on "My View". The road to my degree is an assessment of how well you fulfil the degree requirements. The final assessment of whether the degree requirements have been fulfilled is done by the Office of Degrees when you apply for a degree certficate.

Only programmes where you were admitted fall 2011 or later are displayed in this service. For older programmes, and courses outside the programmes you are taking, please refer to the Study results and certificates section found under Studies at the Student Portal.

For master's degrees there is a requirement on a bachelor's degree. Note that only degrees from Chalmers are highlighted by this service.

If you have questions about the service, contact your Director of studies.


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Published: Thu 09 Apr 2020.