Grading system

Normally, a grade for a completed course is decided by an examiner, in accordance with the common grades scale for Chalmers with a range of grades. If a grade is not given this should be stated in the syllabus. The grades are defined as Three, Four or Five. A higher figure signifies a better grade. The grade Three is the lowest pass grade. As well as the numbered scale the scale Passed/Not Passed is used. No overall grade is given for a degree and students are not ranked. At the School of Architecture: courses are given on a Passed/Not Passed basis.

Correcting grades

If a grading decision entails an obvious inaccuracy due to typographical errors, miscalculations or similar oversights, examiners may change the decision both to the advantage and disadvantage of the student. Corrections which are to the disadvantage of the student must be made with great care and only in cases of clear errors. Before making such corrections, students shall be given an opportunity to express their opinion.
This means, for example, that if a miscalculation has very obviously been made in adding up your credits in the examination, an incorrect result has been reported or other similar mistakes have been made, this can be corrected both in cases where the credits total or the grade is raised or lowered.

Examiners are obliged to amend an obviously incorrect grade if it can be done quickly and simply, and without lowering the grade.

This means that if your answer has been graded incorrectly, the grade/credits total cannot be amended if it entails lowering the grade/credits total. An obviously incorrect evaluation can consequently only be corrected if the credits total or grade is raised.

The scope of the education is to be indicated in credits, with full time studies for a normal 40-week academic year corresponding to 60 credits.


ECTS Grading Table

The ECTS Grading Scale is replaced by the ECTS Grading Table which means that every higher education institution provides a standard distribution scale over the local grades. 

ECTS Grading Table
Chalmers grading system Total number awarded in the reference group Percentage of the total number
3 (Passed) 327 659
39.19 %
4 (Passed with credit) 317 225
37.94 %
5 (Pass with distinction) 191 270
22.87 %
Based on 3940 courses from the academic years 2000-2017

The grade 3 is equivalent to G (Godkänd/Passed)

The grade 4 is equivalent to VG (Väl godkänd/Pass with Credit)

The grade 5 is equivalent to MVG (Mycket väl godkänd/Pass with Special Distinction)

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